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Subj: My thoughts (SPOILERS)
Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 at 06:08:37 am EDT
Reply Subj: Thoughts on Spiderman 3 {MAJOR MOVIE SPOILERS!!!!}
Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 at 03:25:44 am EDT

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Ok, seriously. Don't spoil yourself. It won't be as good if you do.

I'm being serious.

Last warning.

Ok, here goes.

I'm not going to give a complete review because some people love some movies that others hate. Therefore, I'll just say what was good and what wasn't.

The good:

Gwen Stacy goes on a date with Peter and looks hot. Captain Stacy appears a few times. Sexual tension between Peter and Betty and Jonah is as funny as ever. A Sandman you sort of feel for. Venom looks awesome and is in fact an alien symbiote. Connors examines it.

In addition, Harry decides to help Peter in the end as most of us thought he would. However, you really feel glad when it happens. I thought it would come off as predictable and boring but I ended up feeling relieved that they made up. Also, Harry kicks some major arse in this movie. I really hope you get to be him in the game. The Eddie and Peter rivalry was amazing as well. And the fight at the end with Venom was really cool.

There was a lot of humor and the action was great. Go see it. i really liked how they worked on MJ's character and the Pete/Harry conflict was pretty cool. I'll have to see it again before I give a complete review but I really thought it completed the series well. Also, I'm glad Pete and MJ didn't get married. They left things open, which is nice considering what happened with Betty and Gwen.

The bad:

The movie upheld the tradition of corny dialogue that wants to make me hide my face. However, at least in this movie the made it over the top such that it was actually funny. You didn't take it too seriously when Pete starts acting stupid.

Ok, one thing people will hate. Sandman did kill Uncle Ben. It was an accident and I was ok with it, but I know people will hate it. The thing, as usual, is how amazingly small the world of Spiderman is. It just happens that a meteor with a symbiotic organism falls right beside the only guy in NYC with super powers. Oh, and the other two people with super powers also know that guy. Oh, and when he decides the get rid of the costume, guess who happens to frequent the church Pete happens to be next to? Oh well, it's a movie.

The Good:

- Aunt May was great. Best working of her character yet in the films.
- It was very entertaining. The story kept things moving. Never dull.
- The special effects were fun.

The Bad:

- Cheese. Everywhere. Granted, it's a superhero movie, a little's to be expected. But c'mon. Some of the acting was plain awful. The scene with Harry and MJ...doing the twist...made me cringe. Peter's 'My Chemical Romance' hairdo just didn't work. I get why they did it...but, sorry. It was just a bad idea. Harry's over the top smiles when he meets Peter to mess with him and about MJ. This movie just had too many cheesy moments to be ignored.
- I had some serious problem's with Peter's character. The first two films were absolutely masterful in making you feel connected with him - this one, wow. They didn't do a good enough job of making us realize that because of the bad things going on in his life, and the effects of the symbiote on his mind, Peter's not himself. I didn't feel that there was a good, honest Peter beneath his emo-haircut-veangeful self. And in anyway, what the symbiote and his altered motivations made him do was ridiculous - the whole scene where he gets all sleazy in the jazz club was over the top. Fun, hilarious, and entertaining...but over the top.
- Sandman just seemed too huge. Literally. Some more cheese.
- Gwen Stacy's character went hardly anywhere.
- Virtually no development or info on the Osborns' butler. Conveniently becomes important in the end.
- Venom's overpowering, grim looks just didn't suit very well with Topher Grace's voice and occasionally-poking-out face. Wasn't menacing enough.
- After seeing what Peter and MJ do to each other, I feel like the audience loses a lot of respect for them, and lot of the urge to fight for the relationship with them, and to ultimately see it work. The first two films, we're dying for them to be happy! This I mean, it just fades away. They just seem dispicable.
- The whole bizarre, fake love triangle thing concocted by Harry (that had a little bit of reality, though - not explained enough) just didn't work. More. More. Explore the space of that idea. It just wasn't satisfying.

Overall, decent film. Huge disappointment. The first two were so excellent. Surprising, too. Nearly the exact same creative team.

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