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Subj: Re: Because its been awhile, another poll: What Spidey books are you reading?
Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 at 08:12:22 am EDT
Reply Subj: Because its been awhile, another poll: What Spidey books are you reading?
Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 at 06:00:34 pm EDT (Viewed 1 times)

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Been a while since I've done one of these. Which Spidey books are you reading and please comment on the ones you are.

Amazing Spider-man

Sensational Spider-man

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man

Spider-man Family

Spider-man/Fantastic Four

New Avengers

Ultimate Spider-man

Ultimate Power(featuring Ult. Spidey)


Spider-man Loves Mary Jane

Marvel Adventures: Spider-man

Marvel Adventures: Avengers

Thunderbolts (featuring Venom and Green Goblin)

Exiles (featuring Spider-man 2099)

Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness (featuring Zombieverse Spidey)

Did I miss any?

I miss Imus.

> Amazing Spider-man

Yes. I think it would take Peter becoming a fundamentalist Muslim to stop me reading this title. That or him becoming gay - one of the two. Enjoyed JMS for the most part, but looking forward to the next writer coming aboard.

> Sensational Spider-man

Yes. Didn't like Feral but I'm enjoying Sarcastic-Aguire's stuff since.

> Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man

Yes. PAD's a really good writer and I like his use of the supporting cast. I'm not sold on the whole time travel / alternative dimension stuff, it's not very Spidey IMO, but there's enough other stuff going on to keep me interested.

> Spider-man Family

No. I don't like Sean McKeever at all, and I have the original issues that they reprint anyway.

> Spider-man/Fantastic Four

No. I like both Spidey and the FF, but this just looked really stupid.

> New Avengers

Yes, but I may drop it once the current arc is finished. we're almost 30 issues in and Spidey's contribution has been minimal, and I find him quite annoying in the book. Bendis doesn't know how to write a team book.

> Ultimate Spider-man

Yes. Planning on dropping it once Bagley leaves, but let's see.

> Ultimate Power(featuring Ult. Spidey)

Really really no.

> Spider-girl

Oh God. Next!

> Spider-man Loves Mary Jane

Uggggh. Next!

> Marvel Adventures: Spider-man

Not really interested. I think this stuff is better for the really young readers.

> Marvel Adventures: Avengers

As above.

> Thunderbolts (featuring Venom and Green Goblin)

Not reading it just due to a limited comic budget these days.

> Exiles (featuring Spider-man 2099)

Not interested.

> Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness (featuring Zombieverse Spidey)

So not interested.

> Did I miss any?

Not that I know of, but just for no reason whatsoever, I'm also going to list non-Spidey that I'm reading:

Daredevil - very good. Bru has kept the standard high after Bendis.

Fantastic Four - not bad. Waid's run was excellent, JMS didn't really do much at all. Let's see how the new boy does. It's ok so far.

Astonishing X-Men - One of the best team books I've ever read. If Whedon started writing New Avengers I'd cream my pants.

Iron Man - I only recently started to like him. New series is good.

Punisher MAX - Consistently brilliant. Well worth the read.

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