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Subj: Re: Agreed. Numerous problems
Posted: Sat May 05, 2007 at 01:01:18 am EDT
Reply Subj: Agreed. Numerous problems
Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 at 07:17:37 pm EDT

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Agreed on a lot of points. I also didn't understand the whole section with Harry getting his memory back, capturing MJ and making her break up with Pete. At first I thought that plot point was going to go somewhere, but it really served no purpose. MJ could have broken up with Peter on her own, she didn't need Harry to do whatever he did off panel to scare her into doing it and then going about her business, never again mentioning or thinking about the fact that her best friend is a superpowered supervillain.

i dislike most of the supervillains in this movie. Sandman reminded me a little too much of Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin, complete with the gratuitious moment of "character building" where they justify killing multiple cops and the attempted murder of a defenseless woman because he needed to save his daughter. All that...and we don't even know if he saved her, or if she can be saved.

Venom reminded me too much of The Riddler, with weak motivation for deciding to become a murderer. He didn't get any real screen time and just seemed a bit like the Evil Superman from Superman III.

Harry easily had the most potential of any of the characters in the movie, but the whole amnesia angle was just ridiculous and unnecessary. Again, there's no real purpose served by having him lose his amnesia that could have been served by him just continuing to play a dual role, one for Peter and one for MJ. He could have been FANTASTIC, playing them against each other and manipulating Spider-Man like his father did. Instead, he just came across as something of a characterization mess overall. He's goofy good, he's crazy evil, he's subtle manpulative, he's Spidey's sidekick! Pick one.

I enjoyed the movie, and that's what makes it so frustrating. If it just sucked outright, I could have just written it off like every other bad superhero movie out there. Instead, I felt a profound sense of disappointment, knowing that everything it needed to be BETTER than the other two was right there. But then the Raimi that I feared all along finally showed himself. The Army of Darkness Raimi, King of High Camp.

Knew it wouldn't stay hidden forever.

> > > Alas, Spider-man 3 is, in my opinion, nowhere near as good as SM2. I still enjoyed the movie. It could have been worse. But the most painful thing to watch is that there was actually a pretty good story in there buried under the crap that "Marketing" piled on. I could see this being the chapter that really defines Peter's moral character--the good guy who chooses not to use the bad guy methods. Unfortunately, somebody with a lot of influence insisted that Venom get shoe-horned into the story. You would think that everybody would know their Clone-Saga history and understand the consequences of marketing dictating to the creative elements. This movie could have been so much better. I hope Raimi comes back to do a fourth installment and I hope Arad stays out of his way so he can do a true movie "for the fans."
> >
> > You are so right. Spiderman 1-2 AWESOME movies. Spiderman 3- BIT THE BIG ONE
> I'm not sure I agree with "bit the big one" but I did think this was a pretty weak movie with some really good parts.
> What really struck a cord with me was Venom though. I thought the movie was good right up until the point where the black costume showed up. Between that point and the final battle it went from just embarrassing. I'm sorry but when you start copying plot points from the Mask you've crossed a line.
> Also, I thought the script missed the point of Venom. If you make him just a random bad guy he isn't that interesting. The whole reason Eddie Brock Venom is worth reading/watching is because he thinks he's a good guy.
> One last point, there were quite a few "the director just didn't think this through" moments that really hurt the movie for me. A few that stood out...
> When Peter saves Gwen but doesn't do anything about the crane gone wild
> When Peter confronts Sandman in the armored car without first stopping the car from its driverless rampage
> When Peter, having seen MJ held hostage, takes the time to slowly pull out his costume from under his bed and slowly remove the costume from its box
> Anyway, I did enjoy it, but when I buy it on DVD there will definately be some liberal use of the Fast Forward button.

> Venom reminded me too much of The Riddler, with weak motivation for deciding to become a murderer.

His whole identity was his profession, and his professional life was shattered. There were also hints throughout the movie that he wasn't mentally stable. Of course, having a symbiote which amplifies your emotions would be motivation enough to go homicidal.

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