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Subj: An Explanation
Posted: Sat Nov 08, 2008 at 04:48:46 pm EST
Reply Subj: 1001 wrong things about the current Spider-Man
Posted: Sat Nov 08, 2008 at 04:25:49 pm EST (Viewed 291 times)

> Here is my none definite list of things that I find to be completely wrong with the current stories, feel free to add more :
> * It appears Mephisto isn't the one who've made Pete's ID a secret again (in ASM 569),as Peter is aware of "someone" who helped him, then :
> 1- How come Norman doesn't find that Peter is Spider-Man since :
> A- He should remember killing Gwen Stacy, girlfriend of Peter Parker
> B- He should remember giving her two kids to make them his heir
> C- He should remember telling the kids Peter is their father and Spider-Man killed their mother
> D- He should remember helping Miles Warren at creating clones of both Peter and Gwen
> E- He should remember he kidnapped baby May, the daughter of MJ and Peter

It was said in an interview with Dan Slott that there is something actively stopping people who should know from re-knowing, which explains why She-Kraven found the costume in the flat but naturally assumed it was Vin's not Peter's. And how Vin didn't think it might be Peter's costume.

The same is true for Norman. He found the camera & detector on Spidey's costume, but he only deduced that Spidey uses Peter as a front to sell photos rather than considering the obvious. This is part of the larger mystery that we are going to learn about in the new year.

Although this explanation would have benefited being in the letters pages since i did not realise that magic was making these people leap to these conclusions until i read the interview.

> Now, remembering all these things, how come he can't see Peter is Spider-Man ?!?!
> If he doesn't remember these things ... oh well, why wouldn't he remember these ?
> * Tony Stark MUST be the one who helped Peter at making everybody forget he is spider-man, or else :
> A- Why doesn't he try to stop Spider-Man since he isn't registered ?
> B- Why did he let Peter and his family live amoung the Avengers for months ?
> * If Tony Stark, or anyone else, is behind the fact everybody forget Peter is Spidey, and Peter is aware of it ... why us, readers, aren't aware anyway ? I thought a mystery was a mystery ONLY when BOTH readers and the main character AREN'T AWARE. (for instance Menace's ID)
> * Harry is back, and now it seems Mephisto has nothing to do with it either ... fine. How come then we never see Peter, Harry, Norman, Carlie or Lily talking about the fact Harry faked his own death years ago ? Like with the secret ID, it's not a mystery if Peter is already aware of what happened. WE SHOULD KNOW BY NOW.
> * With everybody not remembering who's Spider-Man is, I assume they don't remember the unmasking either. If they do remember, then why nobody seem to care about the reason they can't remember his face ? Why nobody questioning Peter about it since he is close to Spidey ? (The SHIELD should be bothered with all the newspapers and recordings of Spidey's unmasking disapearing for instance !)
> * Joe Quesada told us "no more married Peter". Then, since I can't wonder anymore if it "will be the one" amoung all the new girls in Peter's life, why would I bother ? We already know all of them will just be new "Marcy Kane" or "Debra Withman".
> * Jackpot was revealed in ASM 551 as being Sara Ehret. Sara Ehret was revealed in ASM 561 to be just ANOTHER MJ fan ... so what was the point of waiting all these months and this annual if, in the end, Jackpot is Sara Ehret who is an MJ fan ! lol We already knew these things.
> * Jackpot powers come from MGH. Though, since House of M, MGH doesn't work anymore unless it comes from one of the remaining 198 mutants. So, who the hell gave his DNA ?!
> * in NWTD, Eddie Brock is becoming Anti-Venom while McGargan is STILL Venom ... WTH ? They could have given back the symbiote to Eddie while McGargan could have stayed that Symbiotic Scorpion, at least, he would be partly the Scorpion again. Instead we had a lame Anti-Venom which readers seem to already hate and we're stucked with Gargan who has always been lame as Venom since he has no motivation at being Venom.
> That's, on top of my head, a few things I would called wrong with the current ASM. I'm sure there's plenty others and I might add more later.
> You are welcomed to add yours.

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