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Subj: Whats interesting is the 1998 reboot accomplished none of these things...
Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 at 02:04:42 pm EST (Viewed 101 times)
Reply Subj: Some interesting quotes from 1998 to compare to OMD/BND
Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 at 12:18:21 pm EST

> ”I want readers to put down the first couple of issues and say “This is fun again.” That’s pretty much it. I want it to be fun. I want to put back in the sense of wonder.”

I did not find the reboot issues from 1998 were "fun" in any way - Things like Maddie (spider-woman) were intended to be "fun" but they just werent.
By contrast, I felt from the first issue #546, BND accomplished the sense of fun older spidey comics had.

> ”So we’re trying to get back to the essence of who the character is. We’ve had a lot of distractions over the past bunch of years. It’s not really a reboot or a revamp, but a refocus. Refocusing on what made Spider-Man Spider-Man.”

Riiiight. Returning to the essence of Spidey. Thats why Peter didnt show up as Spidey for the first few months. Instead "spider-woman" Maddie ran around in the red and blues while Peter was berated by MJ all the time for wanting to be Spider-man (which made zero sense and one of the worst mischaracterizations ever). and when Spidey did finally show up 3 months in, the book was filled with guest stars like Thor and FF for the next few months after that... because they wanted to shift the focus to the essence of Spidey?!
By comparison, reading ANY issue of BND to me feels like a return to the essence of the character - like THIS is what Spidey should be - to me anyway.

> ”Meanwhile, Peter’s life will be going through some changes as well. There will be a re-exploration of some of the old Daily Bugle supporting cast and an introduction of some of the new supporting cast members.”

Like that research job that Peter had for like 3 panels in Mackie's reboot - and was then completely forgotten??? I dont remember the Bugle staff showing up at all in Mackies reboot either. Id say by comparison, BND has been very focused on returning the old Bugle crowd front and center, while making interesting developments like Peter now working at the Front Line with Ben Urich.

> ”I think marriage aged Peter and MJ instantly. They’re suddenly being portrayed as a married couple, as opposed to a young couple. It took away the chances for any sort of romantic tension. That’s part of what defines Peter Parker.”

Well thats obvious, the marriage did age Peter and did take away romantic tension. But Mackies reboot had the worst solution possible to this issue - make MJ a complete nag! Then have her blown up on a plane! Then have Peter practically forget about her a few months later...

> All I can say is that if fans have enjoyed Spider-Man for 20 years now with everything being "wrong" and "off track", maybe it is time to accept that this track is OK and stop with the Spidey reboots already.

Right, no more reboots - BND is here to stay folks.

Mr Knees

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