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Subj: Re: Some underlying problems
Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2008 at 11:14:14 am EST (Viewed 133 times)
Reply Subj: Some underlying problems
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> Another problem is that the ill-named brain trust seems to be obsessed with making every plot a mystery. Talk about any significant aspect of the BND Spider-Man and the writers' apologists will answer: "It's too early to comment" or variation thereof. This really amounts to a declaration of bankruptcy IMO - instead stories interesting in themselves, we see apologists of the current writers pontificating about narrative theory and the personality defects of readers who do not enjoy them (because it is self-evident that you have to be deluded or morally depraved not to be overwhelmed by the sheer awesome-itude of BND). As far as I gather none of the serious questions left over from OMD have yet been addressed, while BND created a slew of new mysteries, most of which have not been resolved either (with the exception of the Jackpot thing). Worse, a lot of mysteries are not really mysteries in-story, they are things to which Peter knows the answer but where the contrived dialogue prevents readers from knowing as well. There is now such an overload of mysteries and loose threads that I wonder if a lot of people are as interested in finding out the solutions as they were half a year ago. And of course this does no favour to many characters involved, because mystery characters often have to remain cyphers in order to maintain the mystery (this happened before with the Hobgoblin, but with Jackpot it was even more pronounced).

That's the main point I was trying to say to clayton, I couldn't have say it better than that, thanks.

> On another track:
> Back in the old days, before the all-knowing Mr. Brevoort determined that Spider-Man was about youth, the big theme of Spider-Man was responsibility. OMD changed that as Peter turned to Mephisto to help him out of a jam of his own making. Readers would of course hope that this would remain a one-off exception to the expectation of Peter either coming up with a solution on his own or experiencing a tragic failure, but BND soon disabused them of that notion. Clearly in the meantime Peter turned to another powerful daddy figure (after Daddy Mephisto) to once again remove a big problem - people knowing his secret ID - through the wave of a magic (or comic-book science amped to the point of parody) wand. This is not just bad writing, it leaves readers at a loss why they should worry about anything serious happening in ASM in the future when widdle Peter can turn to some super-daddy to help him out of his next predicament? BTW, I love the dishonest "we" Peter used in NWTD with reference to making people ignorant of his ID. Peter, I've been reading your adventures for decades, I know your superpowers and scientific knowledge, your part in the "we" consisted of "can you help me out of this mess, pleeeeez?" and then standing back while Loki, Mr. Fantastic, the Sentinel or whoever did the actual work. Well, maybe you made yourself useful by making coffee...

Very good point here too !

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