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Subj: Re: Ultimatum+Spidey (mild spoiler for Ultimatum #1 + future USM spoilers)- Bendis' interview
Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2008 at 01:09:43 pm EST
Reply Subj: Re: Ultimatum+Spidey (mild spoiler for Ultimatum #1 + future USM spoilers)- Bendis' interview
Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2008 at 07:50:20 pm EST

> I'd argue that it's the non-Spidey titles that are the "problem" with the Ultimate U.
> X-Men and FF suffer from the same flaw. It's been a constant stream of writers and artists going in and out. And many of them were unsure of how long they'd be kept on the title. Kirkman and Vaughn were both originally doing filler runs, waiting for someone else, on Ultimate X. And Carey was just waiting for Ultimatum to start on Ultimate FF.
> Ultimates delays. Nuff said.
> All of this ties back into how the Ultimate U couldn't really interact within the main books. You know how Nick Fury shows up ALL THE TIME in Ultimate Spider-Man, but the Ultimates are just there as body guards? It's probably because Bendis couldn't find out what those super powered people were up to, hence, no significant roles for them.
> I'd be willing to bet money if the other books operated like Ultimate Spider-Man (one writer per title, artist that try to stay around for more than a few issues), it wouldn't need this event. Marvel seems to be going back to this by putting Loeb on the mini and his Heroes buddies on FF and X-Men, I just think they chose the wrong people to do it. That's all.
> > Isn't it ironic that the Ultimate line, which was meant to be a fresh start without having to be weighed down by the regular Marvel Universe's supposedly convoluted continuity, has become exactly what it was original set against being?
> >
> > It's taken the Ultimate Universe only 8 years to do what the Marvel Universe did in 40 years; it's gotten bogged down by convolution and needs a fresh start of its own, even moreso than the regular Marvel Universe ever did.

Oh, I absolutely agree that it's the non-Spidey Ultimate titles that have the problems. Hell, the only continuity problems that have come up in USM are as a result of events that occurred in different books.

The most notable examples of continuity errors within Ultimate Spider-Man that have come up through other books are the Fantastic Four shown to be adults in the USM Super Special with Reed Richards claiming to have been a colleague of Richard Parker, only to suddenly be teenagers in the UFF book proper which was then followed by the young Johnny Storm appearing in USM (not to mention the Reed Richards Science Center in the Venom arc), and Peter's parents shown to be alive when he was 5 years old and yet just recently being shown to have died when Peter was just a newborn baby in Ultimate Origins.

The fact that a lot of these instances are written by Bendis himself is kind of disappointing in itself. They really need to clear the air here. If such discrepancies were the plan from the beginning, great, but somehow I doubt it.

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