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Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 at 10:50:38 pm EST
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Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 at 01:33:25 pm EST

> Those storied did happen. They did know Peter's identity. Look at the primer they gave us. People remember Spider-Man unmasking but now can't put a face. At some point yeah they should have a story of Spider-Man's allies saying "Why don't I remember who you are anymore? I knew that I knew you were but now I don't." Daredevil and Human Torch's reactions I'd love to see and Luke Cage especially.
> As for the stories. They all still happened. Except white out wife and write over girl friend. Write over honeymoon with a couple going on a trip together. Hell Kraven's 1st Hunt bloody straight out said Kraven's Last HUnt still happened. Except now being a newly wed couple they were newly moved in together...
> Yeah I agree they should state it in the comics out and out hopefully around the time they explain how Peter was able to erase people's knowledge of his identity and also somehow plant them to not even consider Peter Parker a suspect for being Spider-Man.

I agree, it seems that everyone who knew his identity then, still knew it then, they just don't know it now (for reasons yet unexplained).

There are however, several other situations that don't make a lot of sense (such as MJ's pregnancy for example). There was a great site that had a whole list from previous issues that don't make sense with them being just "together", and if I can find it again, I will post a link.

I guess it just feels really confusing to me because not only do we have a change in the past, but we are thrown into a whole new status quo (Aunt May being well and back in Forest Hills, Peter's identity being secret, MJ being gone, Harry being alive, etc) without being led through how it happened. I guess I have never been through a comic that did that before, and it is just a whole lot to deal with at once.

Ok and now I am going to go off on a bit of a rant, but in my personal opinion, I think one of the greatest strengths long standing serials, such as comics have, is their rich continuity, which is important to a lot of people, and when that gets tangled up, people get upset. I mean sure you can write a whole bunch of great single stories that require no knowledge of the past, but after a while that starts feeling hollow and empty cause there is no growth. Kind of like the old Batman TV series where you can go back and watch them in any order, but it gets boring cause the same thing happens every episode (which again on some level is ok, cause obviously there is a formula that works, but at the same time you need change which is tied together by a cohesive continuity to create a full legend). Spider-Man's current continuity is no longer cohesive. And it is not just a few small continuity mistakes, as is bound to happen over a long standing series, that can be just brushed off or even laughed at.

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