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Subj: Re: Well to be fair...
Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 at 12:38:41 pm EST (Viewed 74 times)
Reply Subj: Well to be fair...
Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 at 04:02:19 am EST (Viewed 97 times)

> Im not sure if you're actually reading the comics or not but from everything we learned so far - it would appear that the memory wipe occured in the gap AFTER one more day but before Brand New Day.

I'm very aware of this, but once again, this is a technicality. Whether history has been re-written or whether everyone's memory of history is re-written, the end result is the same.

>It would seem that Peter worked with someone else (Dr. Strange perhaps? logically that would work) to cast a spell - something magical that would wipe EVERYONES memory of his ID.

And in the process re-wrote the previous stories.

>This doesnt invalidate the previous stories from happening.

It does in the sense that huge chunks of what happened in them is no longer relevant to current stories.

>It merely means that if you asked MJ about her last few years with Peter, she would have fuzzy memories as a result of whatever magical failsafe Peter put in place RECENTLY to make everyone forget his ID. The stories DID still happen - just with MJ as his girlfriend, not his wife. And as a result of the recent mindwipe, her memory would be fuzzy like Eddie Brocks was.

Fuzzy? My memory is fuzzy about what I had for lunch last Tuesday. I hardly think that word does justice to describe the memories of most of the Spidey cast these days. And actually, I don't think they would have fuzziness or confusion about anything, since their memories have most likely been re-written.