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Subj: Lesbian.
Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 at 11:41:30 pm EST
Reply Subj: Where does MJ go from here?
Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 at 12:32:45 am EST

> First off, let me say I am not against BND, as I said in other posts I’m LOVING it. But I really think that Marvel could have come up with a better explanation for Peter and MJ marriage coming to an end, rather than having Parker essentially making a deal with the Devil. That was abit of a stretch, especially this being a Spider-Man book. I do not see what would have been so bad with having Peter and Mary Jane divorce. Nowadays it is much more common and the stigma is no where as bad as it used to be. In 2008 ‘Divorce’ is no longer considered to be a ‘dirty word’. Actually I think it would have made Parker more realistic and readers/ young and old could identify with him more. Besides that ‘glitch’, I am very happy with the new direction, what’s done is done…
> Now that her marriage to Peter is over (never happened, broke up - whatever) what happens now for Mary Jane Watson?

Lesbianism. It happened with my aunt after 11 years of marriage, 3 kids and two affairs with male co-workers...she apparently loves it.

Let's face it if Peter and Mary Jane have to move on from the marriage then Mary Jane is the one who has to get hot and heavy with someone first or it makes it look they chucked the marriage so Pete could get laid with someone else (or multiple someones).

There needs to be a defining moment where it becomes clear that there is NO hope for Peter and MJ EVER. That's what they wanted so they have to do more than just remake reality to do it. Their has to be something big that totally squashes any and all romantic tension that might exist between them.

MJ becomes lesbian so Peter realizes they will never have a future together. That makes MJ the bad guy without making her a slut...lesbians are easier to root for than sluts. So MJ can never be with men again yet Peter is free to date whoever he wants because MJ is a lesbian.

Besides MJ seems like she would so be one of those girls who dabble in lesbianism just to be trendy or to shock people.

> As stated in a post below, she is a very strong character in her own right.
> I don’t think she was a ditzy eye-candy (maybe at the very beginning) that always played the damsel in distress (ok, sometimes that happened). She has personality and a back-story of her own. Also with all this time being with Spider-Man she has interacted with other character of the MU: Parker supporting cast, Spiderman villains, New Avengers, surviving MU events etc.
> I think she could be feeling split-minded about the aspect of being involved with the ‘Superhero-lifestyle’:
> 1.After being with Peter for so long, the idea of being with someone that is a hero again will be a complete turnoff. She remembers all the trials she personally as well as the relationship goes through and now wants nothing to do with it. Plus she is a Supermodel. That is a pretty eventful job/lifestyle in itself. She travels the world, meets a lot of different interesting people etc. She seems busy post-Marriage with her appearing in Models Inc. Issue that is coming out in Feb (I think).
> 2.I would imagine that she would eventually fall for another person ‘In that line of work’. Imagine that! Imagine the arcqward and/or tension between Spider-Man and whoever that would be?! Who could it be? She is obviously attracted towards the warm, good-natured, compassionate Parker personality. More likely she would unintentionally seek out someone similar – Iron Fist maybe? Not a serious suggestion, but just an example what I mean.
> 3.A combination of 1 + 2. After the break-up, she is initially in a No.1 frame of mind, but eventually after the repetition of having a ‘normal life’ wears off, No.2 will set in. Although due to the nature of her Modelling career, she can fend No.2 off longer as opposed to being a 9-5 receptionist. If I was her, after experiencing all that I would have via Parker, how do you expect her to be content with a ‘normal’ life?
> Besides being in a relationship, she is an interesting person in herself. How could she be used? Should be take a trip to limbo? Stay in the background of the Spider-Man books? Become a supporting character of another MU Character?
> Personally, I think that she should at least for now stay in the background of the Spider-Man books, this will be an opportunity for both Parker and the Readers to get to know the new Supporting Cast. While she is in sem-limbo, I think she should become a supporting cast member of another Hero book, especially if she gets involved with them. Even when she re-emerges as a major Spider-Man supporting cast member, she can be shared between the two Heroes. (I mean shared between the two books! Get your mind out of the gutter…lol)
> Even if she does not become romantically involved, she could be a supporting cast member. Who could it be? Daredevil – working as the receptionist of Nelson & Murdock? Sure above I said a 9 -5 Reception job would be boring for her, but I somehow think being a Receptionist of Murdock’s Law Firm will have has exciting moments – lol. Like before with Iron Fist, this is not a serious suggestion, just an example.
> What do you think?
> Please join in, but try to avoid the ‘Get her back together with Parker + OMD/BND Sucks’ answers, it will be boring if everyone says that, please give options besides that.
> Thanks for Reading

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