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Subj: Re: Lesbian.
Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 at 10:49:22 pm EST
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Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 at 09:59:28 am EST

> Y'know, I have to admit, that sounds so plausible; it's probably too logical a concept to ever be tried. ;\)
> It's so easy to imagine Marvel releasing cover artwork featuring MJ kissing Felicia Hardy, and then sitting back while the internet "cracks in half." It would be a frenzy.
> Heh.
> *Wraith

Although I agree with the idea that if MJ turned gay it would firmly establish that Peter and MJ won’t be getting back together, and therefore will give a huge push to making the fans move on from the Peter + Mary Jane relationship/marriage, I have to disagree with the notion of if MJ went into another hereto relationship she will be seen as a ‘slut’ or ‘the bad guy’.
She is in the same boat as Parker – she was in a long-term relationship, but that ended, now is single and therefore is free to date whoever the hell she wants.

While we’re on the topic, I don’t see MJ turning Gay. I never got that vibe. Even now as I try to picture it (as nice as the imagery is) it still doesn’t go together. Black Cat I can.
Hasn’t she come out as Bi-sexual recently? I wasn’t too surprised that that revelation, somehow it fits her. I don’t know why…

BTW, I defiantly think the idea of MJ and Cat getting together will be a bad one.
There is too much baggage, they couldn’t stand each other at one stage, jealousy and although they are now friends, I don’t see them taking their relationship ‘to the next level’. If MJ will turn gay I certainly don’t think it would be for Felicia. Even if that did happen, poor Peter Parker! The two girls that he had major relationships with turns not just to lesbianism, but with each other! The poor guy would be seriously questioning his manhood and start to think that he must be so bad in bed that he completely turns women off men (kinda similar to what happened to George Costanza from Seinfeld) LOL!
But like I said, I don’t see MJ ‘coming out’.

Why turn MJ gay anyway? For ‘shock value’?
Why can’t she simply fall for another guy and/or another superhero?

Ideally for me, I would have MJ be some fed up with all the drama that comes with being a Superhero’s significant other, that the idea of going into another one turn makes her frustrated just thinking about it. So she is content to just being away from all that and is happy to be in a normal relationship worrying about normal problems of everyday without the added stress of superviallans attacking her to get to Spider-Man. Plus being a Supermodel would keep her busy, travelling the world, doing shoots, rubbing shoulders with celebrities etc. But eventually that would wind down and she would start be open to the idea of getting involved with someone ‘in the biz’. Just because she was involved with one (and isn’t a Superhero) doesn’t mean she can’t get into another one. I would imagine that it would be the equivalent to a Woman was married to a Police Officer and divorced, was completely turned of dating another Cop, but eventually marry another one. Like I said in my above post, I think she would be attracted to someone similar to Peter, warm, good-natured, compassionate etc.
Iron Fist Maybe?

But even if she doesn’t get involved romantically, she could be become a major supporting character in another book. Even if she re-emerges into the foreground on the Spider-Man books, she then could be ‘shared’ between the two superhero books.
Like I said earlier being involved with Parker and seeing/hearing all the things she has, I don’t think she would be content to just being a Actor/Model. That life will be too superficial shallow for her. She would initially love it due to being burnt out from being Spider-Man’s wife/long-term girlfriend, but that would eventually fade and she would ultimately want to do something to help people.

Perhaps she gets herself some sort of Admin/Law qualification and becomes Matt Murdock secretary. I defiantly don’t see these two hooking up (but due to Matt lacking the ability to keep it in his pants, there a possibility for at least a One Night Stand - lol). The DD and Spider-Man books have always had a strong connection throughout the year anyway, she won’t be so out of place. Hey – maybe this will be an opportunity for her to romantically get involved with Iron Fist!

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