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Subj: Re: Joe Quesada steals Christmas
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Reply Subj: Joe Quesada steals Christmas
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It continues!

    Kiel Phegley: Well, thank God we've solved that mystery! But this is the point in the story where, aside from that scene where we learn about the whisper, we really see any kind of potential for "One More Day" affecting the new timeline just after "Civil War." When Peter asks how he saved May, the doctor's response was "Love." Can't that be taken as a reference to what Peter and Mary Jane gave up without sacrificing a story that's new reader-friendly?

    Joe Quesada: It was definitely a nod to the events and deal in OMD. Remember, the bargain was simple – give me your true love and your marriage in exchange for your Aunt’s life. Well, Aunt May’s life was spared in "OMIT" and how did it happen? Lets recap a bit. In this new continuity, as Peter sits on Doctor Strange’s stoop, the red pigeon doesn’t fly over. So in turn, Peter isn’t confronted by the aspects of Mephisto. The Little Girl in Red, Nerd Peter, Entrepreneur Peter and the Lady in Red never appear which eventually leads Peter back to the hotel he and MJ were staying in. Because these aspects don’t show up, Peter ends up walking back to the hospital where May now flat lines. If you recall, in One More Day, She flat lines, but Peter and MJ aren’t at the hospital, they’ve been brought back by Mephisto to the hotel room. So, in the "OMD" continuity, you could argue that the doctors try to resuscitate her but give up and she dies because Peter isn’t there. However, in "OMIT," Peter is there and present. He watches the doctor’s give up, but being Peter Parker, he’s compelled to keep trying and trying and he’s able to bring her back. His love for May saved her life. Also, how often do we hear about people who doctors claim have no hope to live, yet inexplicably and miraculously, they find a way to survive. Perhaps through their own fighting spirits or through the support, love and strength of their loved ones. I think May has those all things in spades.

    I know, it’s trippy ain’t it? But that’s what’s important to remember about "One Moment In Time." Everything that readers assumed Mephisto did – whether it was wiping out the marriage, saving Aunt May to erasing people's memories of Spider-Man, anything readers thought Mephisto did by just clicking his fingers –were all done or instigated by Peter. Either through his powers, resourcefulness, ingenuity or love – he did it. Now, you could say that Mephisto kicked over the first domino by possibly guiding that pigeon to let Eddie Muerte out of the police car, but at the end of the day everything else was all Peter.

Interesting. So the only reason Aunt May was going to die in the original timeline was because Mephisto distracted Peter in the first place. If Mephisto didn't intervene then Aunt May would have lived without the deal.

What a dick!

I like your title humor.

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