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Subj: Re: Why Do You Think They Brought ###### Back From The Dead?
Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 at 01:41:44 pm CDT (Viewed 132 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Why Do You Think They Brought ###### Back From The Dead?
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Yes and no. Resurrections are certainly nothing new, but there had generally been a difference between "end of story deaths" (i.e., Dr. Doom caught in an explosion) and "there's a body so he really is dead" deaths. Admittedly, there was the occasional exception (Prof Xavier, Jean Grey and Wonder Man come to mind), but it seemed like there at least used to be an understanding of which characters had been retired (Mar-Vell, Bucky, Barry Allen, Kraven, Norman Osborn, etc.) and which merely put on the shelf (Superman, Dr. Doom, etc.).

It wasn't until the last decade and a half or so that all dead characters became fair game. Honestly, based on what Marvel's been putting out lately, I wouldn't be surprised if Joe Q was consciously trying to resurrect as many of the dead characters as possible. I know the legend says that Bucky was resurrected because Brubaker came up with such an awesome story, but the opportunity to do so was offered to Bob Morales as an apology for cancelling his "Steve Rogers as President" storyline, so it's not like they hadn't been looking for a way by that point.

I can see why - more properties to play with that way - but as someone who generally prefers to see old stories left along, I'm not a fan of the practice. (To be fair to the Kraven example, it's not like they retconned anything. But at the same time that's two Spider-villains brought back via mystical resurrection, which seems inappropriate for the series.)

You don't see that you've disagreed with anything I posited. The big difference in my mind is that writers have tended to display significantly more "clearly dead" killings than they used to. Whether it is for effect, to leave their stamp on a book, or some other reason, these deaths seem a dime a dozen. With that said, there are more bodies to resurrect than ever before. In the past, these characters may have been left alone, but there are tons more that have been "killed off" in recent years than ever before.


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