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Subj: Re: He's on his way, he's making it.
Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 at 08:01:36 am CDT (Viewed 18 times)
Reply Subj: He's on his way, he's making it.
Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 at 07:30:11 pm CDT (Viewed 203 times)

    > This just looks like too much like the Byrne reboot era for my tastes but I will give it the benefit of doubt now because Slott is my favourite Spidey writer since the Human Torch mini.

    It does look painfully like the "TriCorp" job, doesn't it? I wonder if Peter will have an equally improbably diverse group of co-workers. Or if he'll manage to show up to work more than twice this time.

TriCorp job? Now that was a real stinker. How many Politically Correct Stereotypes were working there?
It would be much better if 1. Pete goes back teaching or 2. works as an assistant for fantastic Four.

    > And as much as I hate the art of Ramos, I gotta admit this grey faced Hobgoblin looks just badass. Let's keep on praying that it's Kingsley lifted back to stardom and not a resurrected Macandale or a brand new noname.

    The opposite of what you just said is what I want, I am here for Team Jason. Given that it's the unmasking-as-Rod that effectively destroyed Hobgoblin as an "appears ever year" villain, and given that we have a Norman Osborn, and he's awesome, I really don't understand why anyone would prefer to have the poor man's Norman back.

    I get people's love for the mystery years, even if I don't share it, I really do get it, I just can't comprehend for the life of me, how anyone at all, let alone the majority of the online Spidey fandom, saw the unmasking as Rod and thought "Yeah! That evil fashion designer/z-list obscurity/horrific gay stereotype? That's a great villain! More of that guy, please!", any more so than anyone didn't think Bart Hamilton was a great guy to be Green Goblin #3.

My love also stems from the mystery years but I think a good writer would be able to do magnificient stories with old Roddie. Tom DeFalco comes to my mind: in Spider-girl he was real frigthening. And I always preferred Kingsley over Osborn. Normie is just too insane for me...
And I liked-liked Jason as Jack O' Lantern. What would you say if he were to return as old Pumpkinhead instead of a cybernetic Goblin?