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Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 at 04:29:15 pm EDT (Viewed 129 times)
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    The issue in question for GLC wasn't a Blackest Night tie in, it was several issuse removed from the event and the last issue of the first storyline after it (Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns). It was also by the regular creative team. The issue of ASM wasn't even by the regular creative team. OMIT was heavily promoted as the sequel to OMD meant to tell us all the secrets of the big storyline. I didn't even see DC advertise Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns.

It's still tying into a big overarching story that has been driving both current Green Lantern AND Green Lantern Core titles since the beginning.
The guardians put the Alpha Lanterns in place to try to prevent blackest night. Blackest Night led to Brightest day and everything that is still going on it both titles.


      The Green Lanter titles have been the driving force of everything at DC for a couple years now.
      For that Matter the new Flash title is promoted as leading to "Flashpoint" the NEXT big thing at DC.
      The fact is that the GL books are hot right now and Spidey is right up there with them.

    I don't think the GL titles have been the driving force of everything DC for the last few years, they were just the start of one specific event that was not originally intended to be a line wide event by its creators. The Green Lantern title isn't the New Avengers at DC.

Brightest Day, Blackest Night and Sinestro corp war are at least three major events stretching back over the last few years and showing no sign of stopping. You admit that yourself in the next paragraph.
Blackest Night was promoted as being a huge DC wide event as far back as 2006. They told everyone several times to keep up with what was going on with that book, just like they are doing now with the current Flash title.

I wouldn't compare it to Bendis Avengers either...
It's much, much, MUCH better.

    The GL books aren't just hot right now, but have been so for the last several years. And with the upcoming movie and television show I would guess that it's going to be that way for a few more years. DC seems to be doing a much better job of showcasing the Batman and Green Lantern titles then I think Marvel is of doing with Spider-Man and Wolverine.