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Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 at 08:26:57 pm EDT (Viewed 129 times)
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      It's still tying into a big overarching story that has been driving both current Green Lantern AND Green Lantern Core titles since the beginning.
      The guardians put the Alpha Lanterns in place to try to prevent blackest night. Blackest Night led to Brightest day and everything that is still going on it both titles.

    Then by that logic ASM is still tieing into OMD/BND since those stories are driving the current ASM issues.

Well, They are promoting that issue 647 is the ending to the BND Era.

    Or you have to logically state when GLC stops tieing into Blackest Night. For simplicities sake, let's go by actually story titles: Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns Part 5 vs One Moment in Time. Which story was more hyped?

I didn't say it was still tied into blackest night. It is still tied into Brightest day with roots that stretch back to Blackest night and before.
Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns is a continuation of what's been before just as One Moment in Time is a continuation of One More Day.

    And to be clear I'm not reading either series.


      Brightest Day, Blackest Night and Sinestro corp war are at least three major events stretching back over the last few years and showing no sign of stopping. You admit that yourself in the next paragraph.
      Blackest Night was promoted as being a huge DC wide event as far back as 2006. They told everyone several times to keep up with what was going on with that book, just like they are doing now with the current Flash title.

    My point was that Blackest Night didn't drive the entire Superhero line at DC.

Between my brother and I, we buy enought DC titles that I know that simply isn't true.
DC was as full of Black Lanterns as Marvel was full of Skrulls during the Secret Invasion.
Brightest Day is driving it now. Justice League Cry for Justice is certainly still effecting a lot of titles right now.
Green Arrow and the Titans Titles are all still reeling from what happened to Red Arrow. That Team was put together in part by Hal Jordan and tore the regular Justice League team and title apart.
How many titles must a book effect to steer an entire universe?

    The parallel at Marvel isn't Civil War or Secret Invasion but something like World War Hulk. Brightest Day would be similar to the Heroic Age at Marvel. Sinestro Corps would be a much smaller event like Messiah Complex.

World War Hulk was easily as big an event as Civil War and Secret Invasion. Even though it did spin out of one title, in the end it envolved the entire Marvel Universe. Brightest Day did the same thing. So Did Sinestro Corp War.
A universe wide event is a universe wide event no matter how they try to package it for sale.
As far as the Heroic Age and Brightest Day masthead there is no comparison. The Heroic age is named for a general vague sense that the heroes are in charge again and things are on the upswing. Brightest Day is a very involved story stretched through many titles with an actual plot.
The White lantern, The 12 resurections, their 12 missions given out by the white energy, the naming of a new bearer of the white Lantern energy. This story is spread all over DC and a hundred characters. Are you going to deny that is driving the entire DC universe?

    Originally Blakest Night was only going to be similar in scale to Sinestro Corp War, it wasn't planned to be as big as it was in scale so you can't say it was planned that way since 2006.

All the hype I read in the DC nation pages and at the convention recaps on Newsarama and Comic Book resources said otherwise...while i was actualy reading a lot of the books at DC to see it.

    Going back the last two years, it's obvious that on an issue by issue basis Green Lantern is outselling Amazing Spider-Man, and I think Green Lantern Corps would be too. Which is a shame and shows how ASM has dropped in popularity. Whether that drop comes from the stories, creators, status quo, or any other fact I'm sure is up to debate.

Well you have to make up your mind which way your doing to have it before I can take this argument any further.
You state that the GL books are hot and show no sign of stopping and then say it's a shame to be outsold by the GL titles.
Which is it?

    And the fact that ASM is scheduled to come out 3 times a month has no bearing on the discussion, since this discussion is about popularity (as a result of per issue sales) and not total monthly sales.

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