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Subj: Re: Carnage without Carnage
Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 04:26:26 am EDT (Viewed 182 times)
Reply Subj: Carnage is NOT one dimensional
Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 at 05:53:22 pm EDT (Viewed 216 times)

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Saying Carnage is one dimensional is like saying Joker is one dimensional. Read the Mind Bomb or Its a Wonderful Life one shots and tell me hes one dimensional. I broke my self imposed exile on the Spidey books(since OMD) for this and wasnt very happy. This book so far doesnt really even have Carnage in it. Carnage is more than red alien goo, he is the serial killer Cletus Cassidy. It is that twisted man under the symbiot that makes the character. A character that is totally evil because he has taken his nihilism and anarchism to its logical ends.

I was happy to see Shriek and Doppleganger again, just for old times sake, but a Carnage mini that doesnt really have Carnage in it is dissapointing.

I've posted about how Kasady doesn't suck before, and how very easy it would be to do a lot more with him than just "running through the streets killing people", so I'll just link to that thread.


Although it _is_ so long since we've seen him just go on a rampage, I really would settle for that.

What's weird, and kind of sad, is how the writer talked about keeping Kasady dead out of "respect" for Bendis' New Avengers work where he was killed, despite the fact that Bendis himself was smart enough to realise Marvel would want Kasady back one day, and later state it was unknown if he was in the symbiote when the Sentry tore it up.

(Is there a name for when one writer does something that he clearly doesn't seem to intend to be permanent, but a later guy insists on rigidly sticking to it out of 'respect'?)

But this is the problem: People who like Carnage don't want to read about Carnage that isn't Kasady, and people who don't like Carnage aren't likely to be won over by a new Carnage.

As for the Carnage/Joker comparisons (which are really kind of hard to not do, since Kasady was initially depicted as looking like the Joker without the clown-skin), the thing to remember is that the Joker has been around for around 50 years before Carnage, and even after Kasady's debut, still appears a lot more than Carnage ever does. We remember the classic Joker stories, but there's an awful lot of garbage we just try to ignore.

Also, there's that really rather good Spider-Man/Batman special where Carnage meets the Joker, and Joker's diss that "I'm the Vincent Price of murder, and you're the Dolph Lundgren!", and then I read an article on "The Expendables" which said that across his career, Dolph had the highest on-screen body-count out of all the guys in that movie. How does Joker know that?

> I was happy to see Shriek and Doppleganger again, just for old times sake, but a Carnage mini that doesnt really have Carnage in it is dissapointing.

A Shriek revival is long overdue, she's one of the few female Spidey villains who's any good, but I'm torn on Doppelganger's return, since he was the only super-being Kasady ever actually killed, and well, if he survived, where's he been all these years. Also, they seem to have given him a worse-looking redesign, and if the Spidey Board at CBR is to be believed, they brought him back just to kill him again.

I could really go for a whole Carnage Family reunion, but I'm less enthused for no Kasady at all, or Doppelganger coming back without his tag-team partner Demogoblin (and to justify bringing him back, you'd need to bring his own arch-enemy back as well...), let alone coming back just to die again.

If I knew Kasady was coming back, I'd be all over breaking my Spidey Boycott for this, but without him, I'm not so sure I want this at all.

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