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    You're right. That being said- the clone had all of Gwen's memories up to a short point before her death. Even if it didn't remember giving birth, shouldn't it have remembered getting pregnant?


Beats me. Did they ever explain how the clones got the original's memories anyway?

That's the thing about comic book cloning; it's really three separate technological feats: (1) cloning a human; (2) accelerating the aging of the clone (so that within a couple of months, you've got a 20-something Peter Parker clone instead of an embryo); and (3) transferring all of the memories of the original to the clone.

(1) is either doable or close to doable with current human technology. (2) and (3) are, as far as I know, not even close.

Only two possibilities occur to me. Either, in the Marvel Universe, the entire Theory of Evolution is wrong, and Lamarckism is right, or the Jackal -- in addition to taking tissue samples from Peter and Gwen -- also managed to copy their brain patterns using some super-duper technology. The latter seems like the easier explanation, especially since we've already seen brain-scanning superpowers and technology in the MU.

So my answer to your question is: what the Gwen clone remembers depends on when the Jackal copied original Gwen's brain. But is there any problem with saying, "yes, the Gwen clone remembered giving birth to twins?" The clone seemed content to leave her entire life behind, never bothering to contact her living relatives like Jill or her uncle, so it's not that big a stretch to say that she wouldn't try to track down the twins that she (thought she) gave up for adoption as infants. And even if she did try, Osborn probably covered his tracks well enough. As for not telling Peter, well, original Gwen wasn't exactly forthcoming about that either.

(Come to think of it, the Gwen clone's willingness to chuck her old life is really really odd, isn't it? I mean, Ben Reilly had the excuse that there couldn't be two Peter Parkers. But the Gwen clone could have just stepped in to original Gwen's old life. In a world where Harry and Norman Osborn, not to mention Aunt May and Mary Jane, can all pop back into society and say "dead? Who, me? Nah, that was just a hoax" and their friends and family seem to accept it, why can't the Gwen clone just do the same, or say "yeah, my crazy college professor cloned me"? Hell, lie and say you're the original and that it was the clone who was killed if you're worried about being treated as a freak.)