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Subj: Kevin Smith and Mysterio
Posted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 at 02:55:44 pm EDT (Viewed 19 times)
Reply Subj: Re: What Have Been the 20 WORST Decisions/Stories In Spider-Man History/The Spider-Man Books? My (edited) List..
Posted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 at 08:18:20 pm EDT (Viewed 188 times)

    19) Major Spidey villains getting killed off in other books. First it was Mysterio in Daredevil, with the Spidey editor forgetting he'd given permission for that, and having then greenlit several Mysterio stories in the Spidey books, set AFTER the DD appearance, and a series of random events that left us with a new (or new-old) Mysterio who was by now a character to just avoid using because it was all such a mess. And then, as if nothing was learned, Carnage was casually killed off in New Avengers, and despite someone realising that they WILL want to bring Kasady back sooner or later, and stating in-story that no-one knew if he was dead or alive, the Carnage miniseries is defeating the whole point by insisting he's really dead so we can have an unwanted new Carnage.

Actually, what happened was this- Kevin Smith asked Macchio if he could use Mysterio in Daredevil, and Macchio said yes. Then Byrne and Mackie asked Macchio if they could use Mysterio and Macchio said yes. Then Smith killed off Mysterio. Smith justified this by saying that Macchio never said he COULDN'T kill Mysterio. And yes, that was a ridiculous defense on Smith's part. If I was writing Fantastic Four, and I asked the editor of Captain America if Cap could appear, and I had Cap rape a woman, would it be fair to say that the editor of Cap gave his permission? Of course not.
Brian Cronin discussed the whole mess a while back on Comics Should be Good.