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Subj: Re: Sins Past: Would it REALLY have been a good idea for Peter to be the father?
Posted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 07:57:57 pm EDT (Viewed 21 times)
Reply Subj: Sins Past: Would it REALLY have been a good idea for Peter to be the father?
Posted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 06:00:56 pm EDT (Viewed 228 times)

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I know that JMS's original plan was to have Peter be the father of the Stacy twins, but would that really have been a better idea? I mean, that would have made it look like Peter and/or Gwen essentially abandoned their children, since Gwen would have still had to have the twins without Peter finding out. So now we've got two kids languishing off somewhere, with neither of their parents ever taking a role in their lives.

Would this *really* have been a more desirable outcome for the development of both Peter and Gwen as characters?

Not to mention that I have an extremely hard time seeing Peter and Gwen having sex before they would be married. You'd think that a guy as obsessed with responsibility as Peter would be aware of the dangers of premarital sex and wouldn't have done it at all, or at least without taking every possible precaution he could have. Not to mention that Gwen became increasingly upset and moody after her father died, and I have an even harder time seeing Peter wanting to take advantage of her after that.

As bad as making Norman the father of the Wonder Twins was, at least it had the saving grace of only destroying Gwen's character, while leaving Peter's at least *somewhat* intact.

Peter's been implied to have had premarital sex before- with Felicia, for example. As for protection, it's possible Peter used protection and the condom broke, or something. With Peter's luck, even if he used some form of protection that only failed one in a billion times, it would fail on him.
I don't think that it would be considered taking advantage of Gwen to sleep with her, say, three months after her father died.
However, there are a couple of troubling issues. One is that Gwen blamed Spider-Man for her father's death. Would it be ethical for Peter to sleep with her when she would not knowingly sleep with Spider-Man? Remember, Tony Stark slept with Jan while lying to her about being Iron Man, and that's been used as the basis of many of his later portrayals as a jerk (e.g.Civil War).
The second issue is, why wouldn't Gwen TELL Peter if the kids were Peter's? I can't think of a reason.
Also, did MJ know the kids were Peter's in JMS's original scenario? Because if she knew and didn't tell Peter, then she pretty much crossed the Moral Event Horizon.