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Does anyone what to talk about the issue that bridges BRAND NEW DAY and BIG TIME?

- I hated Max Fiumura's art. If they wanted to evoke the first issue of BND, then they should have had the same artist. Aside from the pin-up "reveal" picture of MJ in her Jackpot costume, Max was pretty worthless as an artist, making Carlie look very unattractive.

- The criticism of New York unions really irritated me. Unions are a vital part of the American economy, ensuring that more American jobs aren't sent overseas and that evil corporations (like Disney) are forced to pay fair wages. Portraying them as lazy slugs really hacked me off.

- Something about the whole "thank you for serving your country/happy to do it" exchange with Flash rubbed me the wrong way and was OOC for Flash, who was usually portrayed as being more centrist/moderate in the 80's when he was dating Sha-Shanna, rather than a blindly patriotic, right wing flag waver like he's been portrayed over the last few years.

- But then, Flash is shown in the same issue as STILL having a child-like idol-worship of Spider-Man, so him being gullible/easily diluded by Dick Cheney and George Bush's propaganda machine isn't too surprising.

- The Norah back-up was the best thing in the issue, I really enjoyed the art, very evocative of manga and perfect for a "free spirit" like Norah.