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With the end of the marriage, we know Peter will end up being single most of the time, down on his luck.

Yes, he will have relationships, but they will end one way or another, and then another writer will pitch Peter a new gal to hook up with.

In the "old" days, you have a genuine feeling that Peter and Gwen were meant for each other. When she died, there were a few other girls out there, but MJ was clearly the girl that he would end up with.

Can't say the same now.

Your post contains more truth than most know. I can't be bothered with any investment that anybody makes into Carlie because I know she's Slotts character and as soon as he's gone, so is she.

I've been rereading old Spidey books chronologically as many here know, and I'm just coming up to the time period OMIT relates to. Flash has been 'outed' as Hobgoblin and Scourge tried to kill him. Felicia has had her powers removed by Spidey and the Foreigner is making a play for power Now these books generally feel edgy, fresh, dynamic. I've just started on a rather humdrum opening 'Children of the Corn' story with Magma I have never read before - I know Spidey's costume is burned beyond repair and he goes black full-time - but I've noticed something here.

It's 25 years worth of material at this point. Almost longer than I've been alive (almost!). We've gone through Betty, Liz, Gwen, MJ, Cissy, Debra, Marcia, Betty (again), MJ (again), Felicia, Felicia (again?), and had teases with characters like Amy Powell, April Maye (bleuch), Gloria Grant (she was so being poised for a romantic interest initially) and now Michelinie seems to be teasing Joy Mercado (I forgot why she is one of my favourite cast members!).

That is a heck of a lot of partners. Yet, only Gwen and MJ had that 'special something'. Felicia is also a major one, but it had 'doomed to fail' planned on it from the start, which is fine enough. I like Felicia better when she's not the love interest. Betty was obviously the Silver Age choice, but she works better as an 'old love interest' friend post-Wolfman.

However, I find myself in the period I'm reading in now quite bored. Yes, I know how it turns out. Yes, I am pro-marriage. And yes, I'm pro-MJ in marriage. But I'm trying to read these stories 'as they were'. MJ is even starting to bore me, because I want to see where it goes. Felicia is becoming more interesting at this point than she was since the Owl / Octopus story. I find that I don't care a jot about the romance. I'm more concerned with the new/old villain mix. I'm liking the 'dark, edgy' direction. How Robbie reacts to Mindy Robertson. Basically, anything is more interesting than the romance.

Because, the point I'm making, is there is nothing - at that point in the writing - that could be done with the romance that hadn't been really done in 25+ years. Yes, there are 'mixes' that hadn't been done - people like Carlie, in fairness. And I like Carlie!

But the writers only have one out - Peter has to go the marriage route because the romance subplot at this point, is dead on its feet. And more's the point, even if Pete shackled with another girl who wasn't Felicia or MJ, there is still the feeing of 'it'll run it's course and get boring.'

Surely the logical conclusion to a romance subplot is either 'win or loose' and loosing, gentlemen, is boring now. I know Quesada says 'win' is boring too, but it only got old because he said so.

So no, Im not investing in Carlie. Rather, I'm bored. And offended that the writers have to desperately have MJ 'endorse' the relationship. If you're going to be stubborn, try and be subtle, guys, otherwise it feels like you're rubbing our faces in it. To be fair, I have WWE DVDs to buy and it's cheaper to get two of those a month than buy all the Spidey books or trades a month. Get a grip.

-Jeremiah Ecks,
who wonders how Marvel think business works.

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