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    Marla is a doctor - people forget this - and originally concieved much like a 'Spencer Smythe' super villain. She designed a Spider-Slayer for Jonah, tried to capture Spidey, used as a pawn for Brand Corp. briefly, and then became a supporting cast member when married to Jonah. But she is first and foremost, an intelligent capable scientist. She would recogise the difference between arachnid and mollusc. Nice touch.

    Not so nice? I'm extremely happy they are married, but if this other information is correct and Jonah only made up with Marla because of his campaign, that is completely OOC and - frankly - a very morally dubious move to have Jonah do. So he only shacks back up with Marla to win votes? Pretty shady.

    On the other hand, if they got back together simply because they love each other, I applaud Marvel. These two should never have separated in the first place. They were probably the only cast members whose marriage stayed.

    Is Robbie still married?

    -Jeremiah Ecks,
    charming... to the last.

The way I read the story (see the FF story right before the 24/7 arc) is that Jameson genuinely wanted to re-unite, BUT his political people were insistent that he have a wife by his side during the campaign or else he wouldn't make it as a candidate. So it needed to be a quick reunion.

I can buy that, just.

-Jeremiah Ecks,
who wonders who else is left married in the Spider-Books nowadays.