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Subj: Re: Spider-Man survey results! Winners announced!
Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 at 11:47:13 am EST (Viewed 8 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Spider-Man survey results! Winners announced!
Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 at 10:27:12 am EST (Viewed 84 times)

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    - A Sinister Six story drawn by Marcos Martin = 1 vote
    - Bring back Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane and get rid of Carlie Cooper. = 1 vote
    - The return of Ben Reilly. Heck, everyone else is coming back from the dead. = 1 vote
    a new writer and great art. everything else is fine with me. = 1
    - All new staff brought in from editor on down. Followed by the return of the marriage continuity = 1
    - Ben Reilly back from the dead, the marriage back, Doc Ock with Carnage symbiote = 1
    - Stan Lee write away OMD and have him remarry Spidey to MJ = 1 vote
    - Let Greg Weisman write "The Amazing Spider-Man" instead of Dan Slott, bring back Cletus Kasady as Carnage = 1 vote
    - Peter Parker being changed back to the man he was by a proper trial by fire. = 1 vote
    - Let Greg Weisman write Spider-Man stories along with Dan Slott. Get a better artist. Bring back Spidey's marriage. = 1
    - Spidey reveals his identity to Felicia Hardy and dumps Carlie Cooper. = 1
    - Waid, Kelly or Wells as the regular writer. = 1
    - Keep up the good work on Spider-Man, can't wait to see what Dan Slott does with Big Time = 1
    - Big Spider-Man event, the book being the center of the Marvel Universe, top artists like Oliver Coipel or Steve McNiven and keep Dan Slott as writer = 1
    - What Slott says = 1
    - A new Sinister Twelve led by Doc Ock = 1
    - A reversal of OMD/BND/OMIT = 1
    - Undo OMD/OMIT to bring back Spidey's marriage and everything should be fine = 1
    - A good Dr octopus,and a good Hobgoblin story will be good - 1 vote
    - Restore story continuity and reverse OMD (such as, by revealing it to have all been an elaborate hoax involving Mysterio) = 1 vote
    - Norman Osborn back = 1 vote
    - more character-driven stories and less boring big events - 1
    Just don't let Spider-Man REALLY die in February, things are good and I love Dan Slott. = 1
    - Return of Ben = 1
    - Peter's large social circle of friends stay in the spotlight = 1 vote
    - Peter redeeming himself for everything that happened with Mephisto in OMD/OMIT. = 1
    - Peter Parker and Mary Jane getting back togeter as a married couple. = 1 vote
    - Reversal of One More Day + everything else Joe Quesada has done. = 1 vote (NOTE: This too has been edited because it had profanity. Seriously, guys, this was for FUN, not personal attacks.)
    - Peter dumping Carlie and rekindling the romance with Mary Jane. = 1 vote
    - ben reilly = 1 vote
    - Three words: Mary Jane naked! - 1
    - MJ and Peter are married again and the original continuity is restored! = 1 vote
    - Return of Eddie as Venom and, in some way, a return of Ben Reilly as well! = 1
    - Erase OMD/OMIT, return Spidey's marriage, don't kill Spidey in "Death of Spider-Man" next February. - 1
    - The "Other" powers to be re-explored - 1 vote
    - reboot OMD/BND = 1 vote
    - Ben Reilly brought back. = 1 vote
    - Don't kill Spider-Man in February's "Death of Spider-Man". He'll be back, so what's the point? = 1 vote
    - Spider-Man date Ms Marvel, more Harry. = 1 vote
    - Mr. Negative story where Pete kicks his a**/locks him up (for the time being) or at least the source of his powers revealed as something that can be passed on after the current guy gets taken out. - 1 vote
    - Write the characters in character, bring back Harry Osborn ASAP, bring back the Sinister Six, get rid of Carlie Cooper - 1
    - Ben Reilly back again, Michelle and Vin Gonzales gone, Carlie Cooper gone, Spider-Man's marriage back with pre-OMD/OMIT continuity restored, no more rapes in Spidey and/or any Marvel Comics = 1 vote
    - I would love to see Roderick Kingsley return as the Hobgoblin in his classic costume and try to become the new Kingpin of crime, battle Mr.Negative, Spider-Man, and Norman Osborn in his classic Green Goblin costume. = 1 vote
    - Surprise me. = 1 vote
    - Keep the 30 pages, twice a month schedule on time - 1 vote
    - Peter Parker, MJ and Black Cat in character. More consistant writing. Art that suits the story. If Carlie is staying make her consistant and less bi-polar. = 1 vote
    - I want all of that new continuity to stay put and not have another d*mn relaunch for a long long time = 1 vote
    - Get Stan Lee to write the book again, pretend the last three years never happened = 1 vote
    - the return of the marriage and a horrible, Gory death for Carlie Cooper. = 1 vote
    - Reunite the classic Sinister Six now that Kraven is back from the dead = 1 vote
    - More fun and classic villains! = 1 vote
    - UNDO OMD! Have Spidey undo the Mephisto deal, never have Mephisto in a Spider-Man comic again, and keep Spidey's marriage to MJ permanent so Marvel can't ever take it away again! = 1 vote
    - After what they've done, I honestly don't care anymore. Marvel won't listen to us anyway. = 1 vote
    - Have Greg Weisman work on Spider-Man. Let Peter and MJ be married. Kill Aunt May off. Have the characters act in-character. Bring back Curt Connors and bring back his family, wife Martha and son Billy, from the dead. Bring back Carnage and have him fight Eddie Brock as classic Venom. - 1 vote
    - Peter and MJ must know about the Mephisto deal. Even if the marriage isn't returned, a hero can't deal with the devil without facing actual consequences he knows about. = 1 vote
    - Don't kill Spider-Man in February, cure the dying Doc Ock, ditch Carlie Cooper, have Norman Osborn know Pete is Spidey, don't let Joe Q write MJ anymore, there's so much really = 1 vote
    - Cure Doc Ock, bring back Stunner, Eddie Brock back as Venom 'cause Anti-Venom stinks, Have Spidey date Miss Marvel. - 1 vote
    - More good stories and more Dan Slott Spidey, but bring back Spidey's marriage to MJ - 1 vote
    - Bring back Ben Reilly! - 1 vote
    - Spider-Man does the Maximum Spider move from the video game - 1 vote
    - Good, non-juvenile stories. = 1 vote
    - New Sinister Six led by healed Doc Ock, Eddie Brock back as Venom, Spider-Marriage/pre-OMD/OMIT contuinuity undone = 1
    - dont care. = 1 vote
    - Don't kill Peter/Spidey in February, make Black Cat act in character, no Carlie Cooper, no Michelle Gonzales, more good Dan Slott stories = 1 vote
    - OMD be erased and Spideys marriage return! - 1 vote
    - More good Spidey stories by Dan Slott like they've been the past few years = 1 vote
    - Top Name Writer Top Name Artist Top Name Inker - 1 vote
    - Return of Spider-Man 2099 = 1 vote
    - I prefer a married Spidey but I'm open to changes as long as the stories are written well. I've never done this before but I actually might drop the book because of Carlie Cooper - out of all the ladies in the supporting cast, she is the worst and bores me to tears. I think Michele Gonzalez is actually a character with the most potential-mostly because she seems like a nice change from other love interests we've seen in the past. I hope Pete's job can be a lasting development and not another excuse to bring him down. - 1 vote
    - MORE DAN SLOTT. - 1 vote
    - unknown - 1 vote
    - I'm no writer. Let's see what Slott throws at us! - 1 vote
    - More of the same, last few years have provided some great stories so I just want them to keep it up! = 1 vote
    - Have the original timeline restored, undo what OMD/BND/OMIT did, have Spider-Man's identity a secret again, keep Peter and Mary Jane married in the comics permanently, bring back Ben Reilly, and cure Doctor Octopus so he's no longer dying. = 1 vote
    - Black Cat gets naked! = 1 vote

    - Character development. - Better Editing. - MJ and Peter get back together (in any form. Girlfriend or wife, preferably with recollection of what really happened). - No more Carlie or Michelle hyping (it is really not working) - Better quality stories. - 1

    - Have Greg Weisman write a Spider-Man comic. I miss Spectacular Spider-Man. = 1 vote
    - Spider-man married to Mary Jane = 1 vote
    - Peter Parker date Carol Danvers = 1 vote
    - Spidey and MJ confront Mephisto, don't care how it ends but I want a real ending. = 1 vote
    - Don't let Spider-Man die in February = 1
    - Peter acting responsible. = 1
    - Down with the Deal = 1 vote
    - He remains in a great job with high salary - 1 vote
    - Some consistency in the art = 1 vote
    - The marriage and continuity restore! Mayday Parker, the one true Spider-Girl getting back her book! - 1
    - Peter in love with someone other than Mary Jane - 1
    - I would like to see Norman Osborn escape and learn spidey's secret i.d again. = 1 vote
    - Peter and MJ's marriage restored. the only thing that can get me back at this point is the return of the marriage. PETER AND MJ 4EVER, FTW!!! - 1 vote
    - Keep up the good work Dan Slott = 1 vote
    - Peter and MJ getting back together. = 1 vote


    What do you guys think of the results?

A lot of the results in this last question are the same thing just worded differently. I guess someone could go in an count how many "undo omd/bring back the marriage/reverse the deal" there are vs say "whatever Slott says" vs "bring back Ben" just to get a comparison.

29 Peter and MJ back together - 10 whatever Slott wants to do - 8 or 9 Bring back Ben...If I didn't mess up my counting there.

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