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Subj: Re: Nightwatch Appreciation Thread
Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 at 04:25:06 am EST (Viewed 109 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Nightwatch Appreciation Thread
Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 at 05:35:53 pm EST (Viewed 119 times)

    It was pretty clearly a standard 90s Kavanagh (or Mackie, who did it elsewhere) Spider-Man plot -- set up an intriguing, albeit convoluted mystery before you've worked out the solution and hope you stay on the book long enough to figure out a proper one.

Oh, dear goodness, yes. \:\(

    See also: "Who is FACADE?","What's the skeleton in the smokestack?", "Who is the new evil Green Goblin?", "Why do P and Q want that darn cat?", and "When did Hammerhead suffer the second head trauma that convinced him to grow that awful goatee?".

See also: No thanks. \:\) The 'Evil Goblin' one being one that was uber-disappointing, and very cheap. I think the whole 'mystery' Goblin was then pretty much dead on its feet so that Menace's debut lacked a bit of punch, despite it being a fairly decent mystery.

    Plus it actually made the motivation behind the Game itself sensible and clever. Which is why Nicieza reviving it in Thunderbolts just to bring back Joystick never really worked for me.

To be fair, any reason to bring Joystick into a book is good enough reason for me. I love Joystick. Where is she now?


      Isn't that also the issue where Robbie sees Peter and Spidey-Ben together and was all shocked, like he thought he had it all figured out?


So by the time Civil Bore hits, Robbie is again convinced that Spidey isn't Peter and vice versa. I always felt uncomfortable with Robbie denying he knew - clearly, he did. Why did he get Ken Ellis to quash the Parker story when Ken Ellis figured it out?

    There's also the way that, at that time, Marvel's usual stance was that time-travel involved alternate timelines. So the Nightwatch who made it back to 616 might simply have been from a different timeline where he survived the Great Game and died in some other fashion.

Yeah, like I said in the OP, that makes sense somewhat but then you have another problem - how did that Nightwatch get his powers? It's never really explained, but if the Wiki article comes from a reliable source, I can buy it - it then creates a newer problem of 'where does the suit originally come from'? It can't circle in a time loop forever - it's against the rules of entropy for a start. ;\)

    That's the thing -- how in Zod's name did Kavanagh plan to make that work...ever?

Come on. Kavanagh. How did he think anything was ever going to work?

    That's it! FACADE beat Nightwatch to death with Rosebud, the time sled from Walt Simonson's FF run! And also FACADE was a mirror-universe version of the Looter, who doesn't have a goatee and pathologically hates anything resembling a meteorite. He hated Nightwatch for handling meteorites during his epic battle with...FLASHPOINT!!!

Hmm, I think I have a copy of the above issue you're mentioning somewhere, with my cheat codes to bring Aeris back from the dead... \:\)

    Luckily, Carnage throws a baby into it just to see what will happen, and that somehow fixes things. And that baby grows up to be....Terry Kavanagh. Who grows up even more and becomes Cardiaxe II, the even grittier evil version of Cardiac.

That is... upsetting. As it stands I can't get my hands on Nightwatch, where Cardiaxe shows up - is it worth tracking down, seeing as I am a BIG Cardiac fan?

-Jeremiah Ecks,
who thinks it could be muck-rubbish, and hopes you tell him otherwise.

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