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I'm really quite torn over how this issue turned out. On the one hand, it was great...packed with new and classic supporting cast, some entertaining spidey action, and a completely unexpected, out of nowhere twist that I can safely assume most did not see coming. The scene where Phil killed the Hobgoblin felt like reading a dream. I went back and read it three more times before continuing with the book...I just kept expecting it to turn out to be a dream sequence or something. It worked for pure shock, because I didn't see it coming at all, but I hate the fact that Kingsley was just beginning his comeback and was so unceremoniously (and convincingly) killed off. I'm certainly going to keep reading, as I love the tone of the book, the references to past continuity, and the million subplots. It really feels like I'm getting my money's worth with this comic, and it's still twice a month. But Kingsley's death definitely leaves me a bit wary.


Kingsley and, specifically Kingsley is my favourite Spidey villain. I'm sad to see him go, but like you say, it's a massive twist... and I am intruiged enough to see where it's going. The idea I may hate but the execution is sublime. Let's see what happens. If it's bad, like another poster said - Roderick has brainwashed Daniel, and Daniel died a death.

-Jeremiah Ecks,
who could easily 'see' that.