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Subj: Sorry for the slow reply
Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 at 03:30:07 am EST (Viewed 88 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Nightwatch Appreciation Thread
Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 at 09:55:11 pm EST (Viewed 80 times)

Sorry for the slow reply, dude, but I've had some really awkward IRL troubles. Nontheless, I did want to reply to your posts. \:\)

    Yeah, preferring the well-developed character who held the identity for longest, over the masked mystery man, only in comics fandom would I be the "crazy" one.

Well, I'd say Kingsley is well-developed. \:\) Well-dead now, I think. \^_\^

    It's weird. Visually, he so totally is, but the character behind the costume is nothing alike at all. You'd think Marvel would've been petty enough to just do a straight-up Spawn knock-off.

Well... you have to appreciate the effort. They could either cash in a cheap knock off or do a spin-off with bad finesse. But I sort of like the idea of Nightwatch. Somehow.

    That's not quite 100% true, you can usually spot the genuine bad character by how hard some writer is forcing them down the audience's throat.

Like Mackie pushed Macendale and kept rebooting his powers? \:\)
Sorry, couldn't resist, Ninja-Dude. \^_\^

    He's definitely the kind of guy I'd have liked to see someone bring back and make something of, instead he's usually just like a half-remembered punchline to jokes about early-1990s Marvel.

Yeah, I totally agree. Nightwatch could be pretty good. So could other characters like Toxin, Supulchre, Deathlok. I think there's a lot of potential to be mined. But Nightwatch does strike me as someone who was criminally underrused.

    Since you all already think I'm crazy, I feel no shame in admitting my love for early 1990s comics. .

Yes, dude, you are crazy - but you're not crazy for loving 90's comics. We can be alone in the corner of shame together. \:\) Now give me a bit of 90's Michelinie / Conway Spidey, I always say.

    Yes, sometimes they did stupid stuff, but the stories were moving forwards, and they had heart. Warts and all, they were making things happen, and doing stuff, more than undoing stuff.

That last sentence is my biggest beef with comics as a whole. Resurrections, reboots. Don't like 'em. It all started with X-Men, in bringing Jean back - jumping the shark. But, hey, they did good things with it and the book continued to move forward. So yay for Jean coming back... but it spelled trouble. Then, what happens? I noticed back when Psi-War happened in X-Men, then they set the team back to the 'All New, All Different' X-Men, and stripping it back to Storm, Logan, Colossus et al. There was a deliberate motion to reboot 'back to the glory days'. Spidey then followed suit, and other books soon did too. I realised then that Marvel had become nostalgic and no longer did the serialised element of the books take precedence. Finally, Marvel became - and still is - self-indulgent.

    I really think that the "bad 1990s" are the 2nd half of the decade, when superhero comics started retreating into retro-revivals and moving everything backwards, and the target-audience wasn't the young and the new readers anymore, it was 30-somethings, and nobody has ever figured out that they've got to try and turn this around somehow.

Agreed, 100% dude. Completely and utterly. Problem is, I think Marvel is still 'there' in some ways. Their stories are more grittier, violent, 'adult', but yet still stuck in some kind of retro-bubble.

    Weirdly, I don't care about Morbius at all (and can largely thank the 1990s cartoon for that), but team him up with Nightwatch, and it has real odd-couple potential, I think.

I can't share that with you. Morbius was a loss inthe cartoon (I suck plasma through my hands, indeed!), but I've never liked him in the comics either. He's hokey in a bad sense of the word (someone like Green Goblin is also hokey, but works, for example). He's just boring to me.

    Yeah, the Marvel UK series that reprinted Maximum Carnage (which took us 7 months, and I was still sad when it ended) had dropped Web of Spider-Man and Spider-Man, so they could give us classic ASM reprints, plus Spidey 2099 and "Motormouth & Killpower" instead (OK, maybe there's some early-1990s comics I don't care for...), so we'd never seen Nightwatch's debut, and here he is out of nowhere.

Exploits of Spider-Man FTW!!!! Weren't those the days? Do you remember Complete Spider-Man too? I did like Exploits. Great format, shame it ended. Oh, and I'm sorry, but I really, really, really love Motormouth & Killpower and would happily buy a trade for them if they do one. \:\) *^$%^(
And this explains your love for Furmanisms too. \:\)

    I think there was a new Polestar since, in "New Thunderbolts", but he may have died since?

He showed up to fight Kaine in the appropriately titled Return of Kaine. And I think he's dead too. Could be wrong.

    And thank you for getting what I was talking about. I think I may actually have cried when Galvatron met his fate there.

Well, all I can say is *bwaaaahhhhhhhhh*.
Nah, I'm always game to spot a Galvatron reference. I'm one of the few who absolutely love the guy. But I like all sorts of weird TF's, so sue me.

-Jeremiah Ecks,
who wonders what would happen when Galvie met Normie. BWAAAARGH!@

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