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    That was actually first done in the Dark Reign Files Handbook one-shot; the premise is that it's a report to Norman Osborn compiled by the evil AI Quasimodo.

That's the one. And we still don't know! \:\)

    Menace wasn't that good a mystery, honestly. But really, her big disadvantage was being yet another Goblin when we've had so many variations and spinoffs of the original that another one was going to have little impact.

I did like Menace but I sat a lot of it out due to my ASM boycott.

    Huh. What an odd way to drop that plotline. Moot now, I guess, thanks to the blindspot.

Yeah. The way the issue played out is every time Ellis tried to pitch the identity reveal to another journalistic avenue, they ignored him thanks to their respect for Robbie. It was a cheap way out but really made Robbie look cool. \:\)

    I still prefer my solution with mirror-universe beardless meteorite-hating Looter.

What solution is that, OmKa?

    Bah! I won this thread, not you! It's as if your'e being voiced by the late, great Chris Latta! Though then you really *would* win this thread....

Nah mate, I'm being voiced by everybody's favourite Vulcan. And if you don't know who I mean... Here's a Hint!
Ohh, that moment is soooooo cathartic. \:\)

    When Cary Bates wrote himself into a JLA/JSA crossover in the mid-1970s Justice League of America #123-124, he became a super-villain by using his writing-based power to warp reality, joining the Injustice Society fot he Wrld and actually killing the Justice Society on Earth-2. However, his co-writer Eliott S! Maggin managed to team up with the JLA on Earth-1 to stop Bates and defeat the Injustic Society, and the Spectre convinced God Himself to resurrect the HSA. Interestingly, Bates used a previous story he'd written in Flash #179 to justify the arc. In that story, the Flash wound up on Earth-Prime (then meant to be our reality), where the speedster met Julius Schwartz and the two built a duplicate of the Flash's" cosmic treadmill" device -- kind of a jogging-powered TARDIS -- to send the Flash home. In the JLA story, Bates and Maggin were tossed through the dimensions when they accidentally triggered the Earth-prime treadmill in their editor's office.You probably know Earth-Prime now as the home of the whiny, murderous Superboy-Prime, who was introduced in a Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover issue of DC Comics Presents, which story essentially destroyed the idea of Earth-Prime being the "real world" of the readers. And then the Crisis promptly destroyed Earth-Prime anyway.

Because your explanation made my head hurt, I'm going to explain this is why I don't read DC that often. \:\) I'm a comic book geek, certified, and I don't have the holiest heck of an idea what you just said. o_O

    Cardiac seems to be the one vigilante guy who didn't get a four-issue miniseries in the 1990s, and I really can't tell you why. He was featured in a 1990s Black Cat miniseries, though.

Yeah. Annex got a book. Solo got a book. Nightwatch got a book (way to bring back onto topic, team!). But Cardiac, who is better than all three, got zilch? He got a guest-starring role in Nightwatch, and Black Cat? And isn't that the awful Black Cat series IIRC?


-Jeremiah Ecks,
who after talking about DC, Transformers, Cardiac and Nightwatch in one-post is going to punch a hole through reality and dubbing Ultimate Warriors' ravings over Galvatron from the TF Animated Series. Oh, oh, ho ho.

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