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Subj: Another semi-original theory here:
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Reply Subj: My own ideas as to "who" this alleged "Superior" spider-man will be
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We keep hearing how it "won't be" Peter as Spidey.

We are getting a reprint already of the Alpha character story.

We are hearing that Doc Ock will "do the math" and have a last ditch revenge against Peter.

We have seen that Morbius has recently taken a bite out of Spidey while Spidey was beating the tar out of him and that allegedly Morbius will be back in the final Amazing issues....

We see the cover of "superior" 2 has someone dressed as Spidey kissing MJ but she doesn't look at all thrilled.

We see on covers to ish 1 that "superior Spidey" has claws and that he has a new m.o. and is "darker"

So it could be:

1. Alpha has regained some power and is using spidey tech to be the "superior spidey"......first off Peter wouldn't allow this at all as he wouldn't supply the tech willingly and Alpha is an IDIOT. Though alpha pretending to be SPidey and kissing MJ likely wouldn't thrill MJ hence the cover of ish 2. Actually calling Alpha an idiot is an insult to other idiots but still.......

2. Doc Ock does a mind merge/takeover of Peter. Peter is dormant and Doc Ock is calling the shots. This is a possibility but I couldn't see this lasting for too long. Though Doc Ock pretending to be Spidey and kissing MJ likely wouldn't thrill MJ hence the cover of ish 2.

3. Kaine returns and suits up. Not likely unless they cancel Scarlet Spider. Though Kaine pretending to be SPidey and kissing MJ likely wouldn't thrill MJ hence the cover of ish 2.

4. earth 616 Miles Morales.....HOPE NOT. Let's leave Miles OUT of mainstream Spidey, and aside from a last panel reference at the end of Spider-men he has yet to be brought into the book.

5. Phil Urich.....okay first off we are presuming he will survive the Hobgoblin War. While he's not above usurping someone's identity I can't see him masquerading as Spidey for long as Peter would shut him down. Though Phil pretending to be SPidey and kissing MJ likely wouldn't thrill MJ hence the cover of ish 2.

6. Roderick Kingsley, see #5. Also I can't see him wanting to pretend to be Spidey despite calling himself "devil-spider" in that country he was hiding in. Also "Devil Spider" is such a "devilishly clever" name (sarcasm)

7. Peter finally decides ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and takes steps to ensure people do not think he is spider-man. He decides to setup another public unmasking only this time while it is Peter in the costume, when he unmasks he is disguised to look like someone else and gives a fake name (Ben Reilly). Thus the world thinks that Spidey is someone else other then Peter Parker and only the Jackal/Avengers/F.F. would know otherwise, which of course makes Jackal a potential whistle blower but on the other hand he has always been able to out Peter and hasn't.

8. Morbius has recently bitten Spider-man. It is possible that Spidey undergoes some changes from that bite and while not turning into a quasi-vampire he does get a power upgrade/mutation that also has the side effect of unleashing some darker tendencies of his personality, hence the "darker m.o." and also MJ not looking to pleased to be kissed on ish 2's cover.

9. Mephisto makes another deal with Peter. yes I had to say it, deal with it.

Theories 2, 7 and 8 seem the most likely to me.

The Superior Spider-Man is still Peter Parker....except Peter is in someone else's body.

Is it possible that Doc Ock steals Peter's body by transferring his mind into it and evicting Pete's, and the only way for Pete to save himself afterwards is to somehow transfer his own conscience into someone else's body?

Maybe poor Alpha, who was clearly designed to have us all hate him to begin with, becomes a target of Doc Ock's in a last ditch revenge scheme to lure Spider-Man into a trap. As a result, somehow Alpha is killed and Pete takes over his body as a teenager again.

In this theory, perhaps taking over the body of a new host alters the personality a bit to more closely reflect the original host. Thus Pete is more brash in aggressive and immature...maybe Ock is more responsible in Pete's body...etc.

This could explain why this "new" Spider-Man is trying to kiss MJ and she doesn't seem to know who he is or like it very much.