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Subj: Re: I never thought I'd see this day. Brings a tear to me eye...
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Reply Subj: I never thought I'd see this day. Brings a tear to me eye...
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What am I talking about? Why, the release of the Complete Ben Reilly epic Book 6, concluding the Clone Saga collections! Better yet, SM 75 is reprinted with the additional 14 pages drawn by John Romita Jr! Remember the time, way back when, when Marvel acknowledged the Clone Saga akin to the Black Plague? NOW, the entire saga is collected in trades! I am beside myself in shock this has become a reality. Below is the full list of contents and reading order for each book, and a list of issues not reprinted. The Green Goblin series is reprinted in A Lighter Shade of Green; they should each be read when indicated in the timeline of each Complete Epic Book, as well as those issues not reprinted in the books.

Issues NOT reprinted in trades:
New Warriors #68-#71 “Future Shock”
Marvel Fanfare #3
Ultra Force Spiderman #1
Spiderman/Batman #1
Batman/Spiderman #1
What If Scarlet Spider Killed Spiderman?
Spiderman/Backlash #1-#2

Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 1 (424 p.)
The Double
Lost Years #0-3 (to be read after Book 5)
Supplemental pages
“Power and Responsibility”
“The Exile Returns”
Spider-Man Unlimited #7
14 issues

Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 2 (480 p.)
“Back from the Edge”
“Web of Life”
“Web of Death”
“Funeral For an Octopus”
Spider-Man Unlimited #8
“Smoke and Mirrors”
21 issues

Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 3 (464 p.)
Spider-Man: The Clone Journal
“Players and Pawns”
“Planet Of The Symbiotes”
Amazing Spiderman #400
Circle Of Life
“The Mark of Kaine”
15 issues

Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 4 (480 p.)
Green Goblin: A Lighter Shade Of Green paperback
Green Goblin #1
Web of Spiderman #125
Spectacular Spider-Man #225
Green Goblin #2
“The Trial of Peter Parker”
The Jackal Files
New Warriors #61
“Maximum Clonage”
Spider-Man/Batman #1. Peter and Bruce take on Joker and Carnage in Gotham City. Continued in DC Versus Marvel #1-4(Joker from this issue meets Ben Reilly), and after Clone Saga and Identity Crisis in Batman/Spider-Man.
16 issues

Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 5 (472 p.)
New Warriors #62
Scarlet Spider Super Specials
What If…(Vol.2) #86: “What If Scarlet Spider Killed Spider-man?”
New Warriors #63
New Warriors #64
“The Greatest Responsibility” 1-2
Spider-Man Team-Up #1: X-Men
Spectacular #229
13 issues

Complete Ben Reilly Epic Book 1 (120 p.)
The Parker Years #1
New Warriors #65
Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 (Details on Prof. Warren; Jackal; brought up later in “Dead Man’s Hand” #1)
“Virtual Mortality”
“Cyber War” 1-2
Green Goblin #3
New Warriors #66
“Cyber War” 3-4
Green Goblin #4-#5
Wizard Mini-Comic #3: Sensational Spiderman
Sensational Spiderman #0
Ultra Force Spiderman #1
15 issues

DC Versus Marvel. Joker meets Ben Reilly, thinking him to be Peter from Spiderman/Batman #1.

Complete Ben Reilly Epic Book 2 (424 p.)
“Return of Spiderman” 1-2
“Nightmare in Scarlet”
New Warriors #68-#71:“Future Shock”
“Return of Spiderman” 3
Venom: Along Came a Spider
Spiderman/Punisher Family Plot
Ultra Force Spiderman #1
Spiderman Holiday Special ‘95
“Media Blizzard”
16 issues

Complete Ben Reilly Epic Book 3 (432 p.)
“Final Adventure”
“Return of Spiderman” 4
Spider-Man Team Up #2: Silver Surfer
“Return of Kaine”
Green Goblin #6-#9
Spectacular Spiderman #232
“Web of Carnage”
15 issues

Complete Ben Reilly Epic Book 4 (464 p.)
Redemption (Ben Reilly/Kaine; See “DarkDevil” for further details…)
Spider-Man Team Up #3: Fantastic Four
“Blood Brothers”
Spider-Man Unlimited #12: Closure on clone-skeleton
Daredevil #354: Peter and Ben meet up with Daredevil; learns about events during Clone Saga; costume changed back from “Fall From Grace” costume
Spider-Man #69: Ben gets Hobgoblin to confess for events during “Blood Brothers”; more info about MASTERMIND provided
Sensational Spiderman #6: Jessica Carradine(daughter of BURGLAR) leaves series
Amazing #413: One last attempt by Armada and Mysterio to kill Ben Reilly; Peter admits to himself that his spasms could be worse than he thought.
Spiderman #70
16 issues

Complete Ben Reilly Epic Book 5 (464 p.)
Green Goblin #10-#11
Spectacular #235: Ben faces Will-O’-the Wisp. This issue takes place while Peter is spying on the crime lords in Spiderman #70.
Spectacular #236
Sensational #7
Amazing #414
Spider-Man #71
Spectacular #237
Spiderman Unlimited #13: True story of JJJ’s disappearance
Spider-Man Team Up #4: Avengers
Sensational Spiderman #8: Last page takes place simultaneously with last page of X-Factor #125
Amazing #415
Spider-Man #72
Book 5 List continued after ONSLAUGHT

The Complete ONSLAUGHT Epic Book 1- 4
Green Goblin #12

Complete Ben Reilly Epic Book 5 CONTINUED
Sensational Spiderman #9-#10: The Swarm; Post-Onslaught
Amazing Spider-Man #416: Heroes Farewell
Spectacular #238-239: ONSLAUGHT Tie-In. Occurs right after Sentinels take over Manhattan in X-Men #55. Dr. Connors sees the Sentinels on television.
Amazing Spiderman Annual ‘96
Green Goblin #13
16 issues

Complete Ben Reilly Epic Book 6 (448 p.)
Spiderman #73-#74: “Legacy”. Team-Up with Daredevil
Marvel Fanfare #3
Spiderman/Backlash #1-#2
Amazing Spiderman #417: Truth about Traveler and Scrier
Spiderman Unlimited #14: Closure on ‘The Great Game’. LAST story with Ben Reilly as Spiderman.
Spider-Man Team Up #5: Gambit and Howard the Duck
“REVELATIONS” 1-4 w/ 14 extra pages! Takes place Oct. 31; Halloween
Spectacular Spiderman #241: “Revelations” Aftermath; 1 month later
The Osborn Journal: Takes place October 30
101 Ways To End the Clone Saga
Dead Man’s Hand #1
12 issues

Very cool!

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