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Peter is held hostage and they want Spidey to bring the case he took from Hobgoblin. They all think Peter makes Spidey tech so they send a video to max at Horizon to get in touch with Spidey and bring the case.

Max enters Peter's lab and uses a secret key to open Peter's supposedly private inventions vault and comes to realize that they are building weapons even though it is Spidey tech........I sense Max and Peter will be having a conversation in the future that Peter won't enjoy.

We also get a scene cut of Kingsley at Phil's apartment and shaking his head and Phil's stupidity at keeping his goblin gear at the apartment in plain site and for being so hung up on Norah.

We get a scene cut of madame web in the hospital and comatose. Her last words were "his future will end in a flash of gold" and we see a gold Octobot surfacing from the waters.,,,,,

Max goes to shadowland with the case and Kingpin gets it opened to reveal a gold Goblin Key that can open Osborn's greatest goblin weapons vault and all the data he gathered as head of HAMMER

the REAL Hobgoblin then arrives and the fight starts. Kingsley makes it clear he doesn't care that his brother is dead but he is furious at his brand being stolen.

Max gives Peter some webshooters hoping Peter can use them since he designed them. Peter uses them to web the goblins into the jammer, smashing it. Peter then webs the key to them, webs up the goons and he and Max escape with Max commenting that if he hadn't seen Peter standing next to Spiderman in Spider Island he'd almost think he was Spidey. Max also sees Ty Stone is there too.

Kingpin orders the goblins to get the key and they agree to kill the geeks then kill whichever goblin gets the key.

Art work is improved in this issue, imagine that. But that splash page of Roderick suiting up and laughing was UGLY. I would have preferred a reprint of the page from the very first time he appeared in Amazing 238 as it was so superior.

I thought this issue was good, clean fun. I always love the Kingsley Hobgoblin, and between two Hobgoblins, the Kingpin, a room full of ninjas and his spidey-sense on the fritz, the situation looked pretty dire for Peter.

A question (and I do hate to bring all this up again). Whenever I see Peter and the Kingpin in the same frame, it reminds me of that charged encounter where Peter humiliated the Kingpin by slapping him half to death in front of a prison full of criminal inmates. My question is, do either Kingpin or Peter remember this confrontation? Does Peter remember that the Kingpin shot Aunt May? If so, you'd think the mutual hatred would shine through a little more (I'm aware that Kingpin doesn't know that Peter is Spidey).

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