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Subj: Re: Another clue by Slott?
Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 at 07:55:13 am EDT (Viewed 157 times)
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If it is a red herring, then Dan is certainly laying out plenty of clues to think it might be Miguel. I don;t know if anyone else has spotted this but one of the latest characters in the book is a scientist called Tiberius Stone, one of Miguel's enemies in later revealed to be his fathers was one Tyler Stone. Could the two characters be related, could Tiberius be Tylers ancestor, and seeing that it was revealed in Miguel's book that Tyler was Miguel's dad, he could be the ancestor of Miguel himself? It could be a coincidence with the names, but with Dan Slott's caliber of writing, I tend not to believe in coincidences in the names being similar.

Wouldn't fit though with the way Miguel got his powers?

They've already had Mig and Pete switch places in time for a short period. I'm not sure what this new run will add.

I certainly hope Peter isn't going to end up losing a leg. But maybe this is something that is fated to happen in several realities.