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Subj: Re: When You Think About It, Isn't Daniel Kingsley Kind Of Stupid And Contrived?
Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 at 09:24:39 am EST (Viewed 155 times)
Reply Subj: When You Think About It, Isn't Daniel Kingsley Kind Of Stupid And Contrived?
Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 05:51:18 pm EST (Viewed 242 times)

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So, think about this. Roderick is the Hobgoblin, but he has an IDENTICAL twin brother. Sounds like a soap opera plot and trope doesn't it? Sounds kind of like a cheat. It seems that Stern (Roger, who created the Hobgoblin.) was getting around the whole Roderick being the Hobgoblin when the two of them were together in the same room at the same time (Which I believe is why Tom Defalco didn't want to reveal Kingsley as the Hobgoblin.)by using Daniel. So yeah, Daniel isn't really a "character" character, but isn't it kind of stupid and soap operary? Then again, I liked Macendale as the Hobgoblin (Overall.), so maybe I'm in the minority. And speaking of, did they ever give us a reason as to why Phil turned into a raving loon? I hear that the REAL Hobgoblin (Kinglsey.) is back. What's he up to? I hear that he was working as a mercenary (The Black Spider or Tarantula or something.), which seems more like Macendale's deal. I wonder if Slott brought him back because of all of the negativity surrounding his death. And it was pretty dam convenient that Phil was in one of his hideouts at that exact time. Anyhow-

Honestly, when it came to revealing the Hobgoblin's identity, I wish it had been the other way around, that DANIEL had been the Hobgoblin. I remember way back in the day, I originally thought Hobby was Roderick Kingsley (I imagined Uncle Roger brought him over into ASM after introducing him in PPTSM... guy who became Hobgoblin knew how to sew and dye a costume? Please... fashion designer!!! And what a way for this guy to get back at all the guys who bullied him), until Hobgoblin and Roderick were in the same room together in ASM 249. Then, in ASM 250, Roderick mentions that he wished his brother "wasn't out of town." I thought AHA!!! The brother is the Hobgoblin!!! It would have held for me, all the way through the DeFalco years on ASM, even through Hobgoblin Lives until the last few pages, and then watching Daniel being very weak in "Goblins at the Gate."
In terms of the Hobgoblin "stand in" stuff... yea, I'm done with it. Roddy, stand tall. Be proud. Be the Hobgoblin \:\)