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Subj: Re: Things That I Do NOT Want To(o?) See From The New Relaunch. What About You?
Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 at 09:56:11 am EST (Viewed 163 times)
Reply Subj: Things That I Do NOT Want To(o?) See From The New Relaunch. What About You?
Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 01:03:05 am EST (Viewed 247 times)

    I might check out this new relaunch if I have enough money (I usually buy cheap back issues (Some of which are fairly recent.), or when my comic store has a sale, or the occasional issue because of certain characters/hype/writers/relaunches, etc.), but I don't know why Spider-Man is getting relaunched from scratch AGAIN! If you ask me, they should have pretty much ended the series after One More Day, made that story kind of like Spider-Man's "Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow.", and did what DC did with Superman. Because for all intents and purposes, Spider-Man lost. He literally made a deal with the Devil, and once a hero does something like that, there's no coming back. It's like a judge taking a bribe or a cop who shakes someone down for money. Once you do that, you can't be a judge or a cop anymore, and Peter can't be Spider-Man, because for all intents and purposes he lost. So they should have ended it there, and picked and choosed what they wanted, like the John Byrne relaunch.

    Annnyyyhhhoowww, since we're getting a whole new thing/status quo/ and a new beginning again, here are some things that I definitely do NOT want to(o) see from what's upcoming.

    #No more Norman Osborn- Seriously, nothing more with Norman Osborn. No more Osborn legacy, no more retcons with Osborn, etc. As a HUGE fan of Norman, I'm just tired of the guy already, and I wish that they would kill him for good. This whole Osborn legacy aspect of the mythos has been overexpanded and played out too the point where it's tedious reading any more backstories about him, how he screwed up Harry, and Peter thinking about, or coming close to(o) killing him. And with Dark Reign, Norman REALLY needs a rest. Maybe he should have stayed dead.

    #No More Goblin Nonsense- No more Goblin-like characters like Menace, or any other varities like Jack O'Lanterns, etc. We have too many of these guys. And frankly, I don't even know which Jack O'Lantern is still alive and running around.

    #No More Gwen Stacy Or Trips To The Brooklyn Bridge- Or The George Washington Bridge (Although the Verrazona and Staten Island.). Peter has been to that dam bridge way too many times, and pined over Gwen Stacy way too many times. Which he should, but he's lost plenty of other people as well (Captain Stacy, Jean DeWolff, and Harry Osborn until he came back.). Of course he should remember Gwen Stacy, but keep her dead, don't even tease about her coming back, she's dead, no more clones (Whatever happened to her clones anyhow?), nothing.

    #No More Oh Poor Aunt May- This needs too go as well. I prefer it if she would have stayed dead, but since they brought her back, the dynamic when she knew Peter's secret identity again was better. Now it's back to "Oh no, Aunt May is in ill health, and she might discover my secret identity.". Just have her know already. At least she's married. But the whole point of Aunt May being in the dark about Peter's identity, and her ill health is/has gotten old.

    A few more, but those top four are the primaries:

    #I would like too see Peter (Or Whoever this New Spider-Man is.) NOT be on the Avengers or Fantastic Four teams. One title alone should be enough, and Peter works better alone, or with an assist from a friend on occasion.

    #I don't want there to be any more new/other Spider-Girl's, Spider-Woman, etc.

    I can think of a few more things (Like no more Venoms or symbiotes as well.), but I'm sure that we each have our own. But the top 4, 5, and no more symbiotes are the main problems. Now, what about you guys?

I have to agree. I'm not sure where else they can go with Norman. In his current state, he's not really (to me) a Spider-Man villain anymore. At first, I hated that they brought him back... but then I liked the way they worked him as a "super business man that the public loved who was secretly a super villain." I wasn't a fan of the whole Gathering of Five thing, but liked the way Roger Stern fixed that in the Green Goblin limited series. It's personal bias, but like I said, he doesn't seem like a Spidey villain anymore. He's gone big time.

We've had, what, 5 or 6 Green Goblins, 4 or 5 Hobgoblins, a Demogoblin, a Grey Goblin, Menace... done with this. I'll take one Green (possibly Harry again?) and one Hob (the original, please). I don't really read all the other titles, so I'm not sure what Jack O'Lantern's status is right now.

I was worried that, with the recent movie, we would either see the return of Gwen, or 8 million references to her... but we haven't. Honestly, when it comes to Gwen, she was (is?) Peter's true love. I don't mind those visits or trips down memory lane. I lost my college girlfriend to a drunk driver... and every once in a while I think about her. If I lived in South Carolina, where she died, I might visit the site, leave a rose and think about what might have been. Some things you never heal from. With Gwen, what I'd like to see is a bit of a tweak to "Sin's Past" where she didn't sleep with Norman (couldn't he have just artificially gotten her pregnant, as an experiment instead?), because I find it hard to believe she went to London and her Uncle Arthur never noticed she was pregnant, or never mentioned it to Peter when he was part of the series.

Loved Aunt May's "Grey Panther" days. Loved Aunt May the landlord. Not to be evil, but loved when Aunt May died. To me, that was so powerful and touching. HATED when they reversed it. But, LOVED the way JMS wrote Aunt May, discovering the identity, etc. Dan Slott hasn't written her, yet, as an old, feeble lady who is in death's doorway... and I trust that he won't.

Always preferred Spider-Man as a loner, myself. When he joined all the groups, it didn't work for me, personally. I still think it's weird when the other heroes call him "Peter." Just something I need to get over, I guess \:\)

Yea, same as the Goblin stuff for me... we've had enough Spider-females. Pick one (and personally, I ALWAYS like to stick with the originals)

No more symbiotes. I agree. Sadly, that became overkill back in the 90s. Made Venom and Carnage lose their uniqueness.

I'm curious to see what they are going to do with this Superior Spider-Man. Looking forward to at least giving it a chance \:\)

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