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Subj: Re: Here's why I don't think Peter would be permenately maimed
Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 07:58:55 pm EST (Viewed 15 times)
Reply Subj: Re: OK since we're speculating - here's my current ASM #700 theory...
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... And many elements, including a lost limb, from the Spider-Girl.

While it IS true that over years many comic characters, especially certain iconic characters undergo shocking or unexpected changes such as:

1. Switching from decades established costume to something else: examples include: Spiderman Black Costume (and all subsequent special costumes), Captain America resigning and donning a black red and white suit and calling himself The Captain, Iron Man switching from classic Red and Gold to Silver Centurion in Ish 200, Hulk going from Green back to his original color of grey, Thor growing a beard and wearing Asgardian battle armor.

2. "Dying", in quotes to emphasize the revolving death door in comics, except of course for Mar-Vell. Examples would be all the times Jean Grey has perished and returned, Professor X has perished a few times as I recall prior to AvX, the Red Skull, Captain America, Tony Stark (the horrific Crossing and Iron Boy era....), many heroes in Onslaught/Reborn/Return, how many times has Wolverine been fried down to his metal bones only to regenerate?, Sabertooth was beheaded and I hear he's back or coming back, General Ross has perished a few times, etc etc. Hal Jordan getting twist by Parallax and inflicting Emerald Twilight upon GL fans, dying to save the sun then getting rejuvenated along with the GLC years later. Green Arrow was blown to smithereens but Hal/Parallax/Spectre restored him

3. Someone else takes up the name and costume and the original retires, quits, goes off to heal or falls into alcoholism. Inevitably the original returns, usually in the process they have to battle their replacement and the replacement usually gets their own spin off book.

All above listed things are things we've come to expect, take for granted and sneer at since we know the big red reset button is always in reach of the writers and editors, even if it used when it SHOULDN'T BE USED AT ALL. (bringing back Aunt May after ASM 400, Mephisto Mindwipe being two excellent examples of big red button abuse).

But to take a long running legendary character like Spidey who is enjoying yet another cartoon version and a successful set of movies (more or less), who has been around since the start of Marvel and do something as permanent as MAIM him such as loss of leg or arm? Not likely to happen at all, as that would likely take more guts then marvel seems to have, and also fans will inevitably rise up and demand the return of the original and then they have to come with some way that hopefully makes a slight bit of sense and reverse the injury.

1, jackal clones him a new limb? I wouldn't trust that psycho to heal me.

2. Bionic limb? He'd have to get used to it and how it may affect some of his powers. Also if Peter can rate a bionic limb, why not Flash Thompson who needs the venom symbiote to walk? Double standards.

3. Peter spins himself yet another cocoon and regenerates the limb? Why not? It seems like the last time he spun a cocoon and gained extra powers was reset by the Mephisto Mindwipe so they could fall back on that.

4. Peter uses Doc Connors lizard research and formula to regenerate his limb, despite the great risk of becoming a spider-lizard man?

5. Marvel received a lot of negative feedback/karma from OMD, maiming Peter would likely generate another such backlash.

So no, I don't expect a permanent injury to Peter that forces him to retire and let someone else suit up.

In fact, I expect that all comments that "Superior" Spidey isn't Peter are red herrings and that this will be a mutated/altered Peter. If we want to read about a non-Peter Spiderman we have SCARLET SPIDER.

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