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Subj: Re: Hmmm. So Kingsley Is Now
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Reply Subj: Amazing 697 and the outcome of the Goblin War is...............
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totally unsurprising and anti-climatic.

We get more glimpses of the gold Octobot as it seeks Spidey.

Ty Stone is fired by Max.

Norah is saved by Max and the force field app he developed. Max may be getting suspicious about Peter being Spidey

Madame Web is still comatose

The main spider jammer is wrecked and Spidey will take out the others.

The two Hobgoblins fight each other even as they pursue max and Peter. The Gold Goblin Key beeps as they get closer to Osborn's lair and of course it turns out to be near Oscorp.

They get inside and seal the door from the goblins, and Peter contacts Harry after a hologram of Norman informs them they have 60 seconds to input the security code or the place blows. Harry tells Peter he will have to move jsut by answering the phone but tells them what the password is..."STROMM". harry throws the phone away and walks away with his kid.

Back in the lair they begin to work to build a spider-glider and prep some weapons and Peter takes a Spidey suit from a target dummy and tells Max he will pretend to be Spidey and deal with the goblins while Max saves Norah.

Phil ends up showing little remorse over the idea of Norah perishing and even threatens to have her killed if they don't let them into the arsenal. Peter uses his shang-chi training to block the pain from his overloaded spider-sense and suits up. Max finds the secret exit and sets the destruct timer for 10 minutes.

Spidey faces off against the goblins and makes a joke "is that leeds, or maendale....wait I know that jawbone anywhere!" as he punches kingsley.

During the fight, Phil impresses Kingsley a bit and in the end after the lair blows up, Spidey leaves them to fight each other as he is weary and wants to bring down the jammers........okay how stupid. Leave two supervillains to take out the hardware????

Kingsley blasts Phil and dumps them both into the river and then later he resurfaces dragging Phil with him telling him how that newer suit doesn't have an air supply like his does. He then decides Phil will live and the catch is a cut...the unkindest cut of all.

We cut to the hospital and hear that a patient has awakened from a it is not Madame's Norman Osborn.....gee what a non suprise. Now perhaps we add him to the list of allegedly superior Spidey suspects? If he still retains adaptoid powers he could copy and enhance Peter's powers for himself....

Anyway at the end we see that the unkind cut Kingsley gave Phil is this: a CUT of his gross for his work for Kingpin. It is already being put into his swiss account and his butler at his Paris mansion shows him several monitors of super villains in action including Devil Spider. It seems Kingsley is traveling the world and setting up shop as a new super villain until he hires some local talent to take over the identity as he moves on......for a percentage of course. issue ends with him planning on Russia next as his butler hands him the costume and gear of......THE UNICORN.

Okay, points for some originality in what Kingsley is doing even though it feels similar to Justin Hammer's old plan of financing super villains.

Of course what a non-shocker, Phil is totally schooled by Kingsley but as this is Marvel where only Mar-Vell stays dead, Phil isn't killed. Instead he's paying off Kingsley to keep Kingsley away and himself alive as long as he doesn't screw up too badly.

So we get Phil, Kingsley a reference to Leeds and Macendale, a cameo of Harry and the clear message that Norman is back on his feet. Keep Norman out of the picture, he is not needed.

Jason Macendale? Sounds like he's moving into that direction. Was he as ruthless as ever? And what happened with the Kingpin and Phil killing Daniel? Did Spidey find out that Phil is the Hobgoblin? And Norman Osborn is BACK? Uy oy oy! Please say no.

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