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Subj: Re: Question about Spider-Man #2099
Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 at 03:30:57 pm EST (Viewed 133 times)
Reply Subj: Question about Spider-Man #2099
Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 at 11:37:56 am EST (Viewed 198 times)

    Having just finished the P.A.D. run (#1-44), the two final issues (#45-46), the annual, the special, and the crossover with Marvel 616, what I'd like to know is this:

    Which in-continuity stories do I need to read to bridge the gap between the end of the Spider-Man 2099 series and his re-appearance in Superior Spider-Man?

    I've got the [dreadful] '2099: World of Tomorrow' issues packed away. Are those really worth re-reading? Are they even in continuity? I know that the '2099: Manifest Destiny' one-shot is definitely not compatible with established continuity.

I don't think there is any bridge, otherwise how it was said in Superior Spidey that Miguel had just recently learned that Tyler was his Dad, which was a reveal at the end of Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 1 #25. As you said, there was PAD's run, then Raab did two more issues (all involving a long story around Marvel's bankruptcy, etc. at the time), then came the awful WoT series (definately not in-continuity with the Spider-Man 2099 stories since Superior Spidey), followed by Manifest Destiny that ended the story in the future beyond 2099 (by Ghost Rider 2099 scribe Len Kaminski). MD also stated that, in its timeline, the present Heroic Age ended in 1999, although we have here 2013-2014 as still being part of its past, among other continuity issues. From the time that WoT was done, originally the 2099 titles would have made way for a 2101 time-jump series (just a Spider-Man one and a X-Men one). Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 1 #44 was intended to be PAD's final issue, pre-Spider-Man 2101 #1, with Father Jennifer being revealed as the real Goblin 2099, NOT Gabe. Raab changed the dialog between FJ and Gabe to make Gabe the Goblin, even though it made no sense whatsoever. The last issue of Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 referenced Venom's capture from late in PAD's run of Vol. 1, but also doesn't make sense, as Miguel was Alchemax CEO at the time, but here, somehow, Tyler is in charge, despite the fact that Avatarr was Alchemax CEO, with Tyler head of R&D, which Miguel took over for in One Nation Under Doom, then became CEO (as Avatarr was killed off my President Doom in his series, most likely), all in Vol. 1. WoT is pretty bad, but if you want to understand MD and such, you kinda have to "push through it."

    I know that the Exiles version of Miguel is from a separate reality, and likewise, the 'Timestorm' version is very different (and both were recently killed in Spider-Verse).


    So... is there anything else that I need to read before jumping from the end of the 1990s Spider-Man 2099 series to his re-appearance in Superior Spider-Man (and his new series)?

Not really, but PAD did also do his Captain Marvel Time Flies storyline in his CM book around 10 years ago, which took place around issues 10-15 of Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 1.

    It feels like something is off, as Peter David made it clear in the old series that Tyler Stone knew Miguel was Spider-Man. Possibly from the very beginning, but certainly by series end. Yet in Superior Spider-Man, he possesses no such knowledge.

Yeah, it wouldn't make sense for Tyler to send Miguel back in time like that, as it was established that he strongly suspected that Mig was "S-Man," and was Mig's father. The continuity mess is bugging us 2099 fans too. There's more than these problems going on. Could it have to do with the future-timelines trouble issue from Uncanny Avengers?

    Somebody help? Thanks!

Sure. LMK if you have more questions. \:\)

- Rodimus

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