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Subj: Re: Diversity, duh!
Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 at 08:17:24 pm EST (Viewed 2 times)
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Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2015 at 03:34:23 pm EST (Viewed 7 times)

    I wonder what the response would be if they included Luke Cage in Daredevil and he was played by a white actor?

Probably most of the people being open minded, going "huh" and going about their day and the racists complaining super loudly because "dur Peter Parker is white". Just like how we saw when Miles was introduced and even among this board were claims of a conspiracy and it being a "PC mandate"

Let's be clear: Peter Parker is a character who happens to be white. Peter Parker, however, is not defined in part by his whiteness or even any type of ethnic heritage. So in theory, there's no reason that a black actor or a hispanic or a British actor (which actually did happen, Garfield just did an American accent) or whatever.

This is in contrast to Luke Cage, where being black is indeed a part of his character. Both him as a character/person and how the fictional character was created in the era of blaxploitation. Cage's origin story of a harmful experiment could be similar to the Tuskegee experiments, something that involved the US government conducting inhumane tests on African Americans.

There are characters where race, culture, or ethnic traits are notable enough that they are non-negotiable. Luke Cage and Black Panther are one of them. Magneto being Jewish and a victim of the Holocaust is another. Arguably Punisher and Vietnam, and speaking of Daredevil, Matt Murdock and being Catholic. But I thought Bullseye and Kingpin, from that otherwise horrible Daredevil film, were absolutely great and I was not bothered in the least that Bullseye had an Irish accent or Kingpin was black.

So to people who say "Peter Parker is white", I say "Explain". Explain to me why Peter Parker is, at his core, a white person, abouve anything else.

THAT all being said, I think the two big things working against an African American, Hispanic, or a woman being cast in a Spider-Man film is that there are absolutely great Spider-related characters for them to use without using the Peter Parker name in Miles Morales and several Spider-Women and Spider-Girls respectively.