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Subj: Re: This may not be popular but I'll say it anyway
Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 at 07:59:36 am EST (Viewed 12 times)
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      But in the days after OMD, got very heavy handed with the moderation. Not the mods on this particular board back then; they were fine and I considered them the best of the bunch. Yet at one point we had mods from other boards here stepping in and silencing OMD criticism.

    I haven't been posting here as long as you but I sure was here when OMD hit. I have absolutely no recollection of anybody being "silenced" about criticizing OMD. It was a nearly universally despised story, here and elsewhere. I'd even argue it is harder to come out and say you like the books because inevitably you will get "it is after OMD, therefore it sucks" type of responses.

Well, I'd say "silence" is probably the wrong word, but I'm hard put to think of an era where it was more common for posters to come under such fire, often by argumentum ad hominem ("you're just prejudiced, you hater!") merely for criticizing a story/reboot or voicing their dislike of a new direction/reboot. While practically nobody professed to actually like the story or claimed that it made sense or worked as a story (apart, obviously, from Joe Quesada and his cronies) there were a lot of people on hand to defend it to the utmost by rationalizing it as a necessary evil to make Spider-Man "good again" (when Slott became the solo writer, many of the same people in effect rejoice: "Okay, BND sucked, but now Happy Days Are Here Again!") or by castigating protesters for not waiting until everything was explained satisfactorily in-story (remember how gloriously that turned out when the much-delayed OMIT came out).

Well now we're talking two completely different stories and two completely eras of the board. One is OMD an almost universally despised story.

Another isn't really a story but rather 2-3 years worth of comics.

And yet I still don't recall mods, on here or elsewhere on the boards, trying to silence (or anything of that sort) anyone. Because there were plenty of people doing plenty of complaining in the three years of BND stories.