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Subj: Um, isn't Silk supposed to be co-starring in this?
Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 at 06:52:57 pm EST (Viewed 12 times)
Reply Subj: Spider-Woman #5: "$#%^ GREAT"?
Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 at 06:39:52 pm EST (Viewed 206 times)

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Spider-Woman 005

Just going to reply to that thread here...

> she's joined by new SPIDER-WOMAN supporting cast-mate and classic Marvel character BEN URICH!
Good for Ben! Potential story seeds and danglers worth following up on. He is a good addition to this series. Still needs tweaking and proper status quo presentation though. It will be TERRIBLE if he is tainted by any degree of evil as that disturbing last panel grin inferred. It was bad enough he fine drinking coffee from a cracked/chipped glass carafe! Missing family of D-list supervillains is intriguing with shades of problems with Civil War politics. Speaking of which - doesn't he work for Frontline still? What's with the dilapitated office building with broken down Daily Bugle signs?

> You know it's kinda funny reading Jessica's inner monologue about how she's not taking on inerdimensional extinction events when Secret Wars is right around the corner and Time Runs Out shows she jumped right back into it anyway
Heh! So true.

> Technically [Anya] has a teleporter so like she says she can drop by 616 anytime (and probably will).
The wrist-porters, while fine as plot device for Spider-Verse Event, all should have been nullified in some fashion because now casual possession of this tech seems problematic.

> I think Hopeless has a great grasp of Jess and now we have the art to match his writing.
There was some good and some 'not as good' about it.

> My interest in this book has risen exponentially now that Land is no longer on it.
The Land stuff was better than this primarily because the coloring was a HORRIBLE and poor match to the otherwise decent pencil work.

> This reads like an issue 1. Is this a jumping on point?
In many ways, yes. MUCH more than the actual issue 1 was.

> I certainly hope that Hopeless gets the opportunity to develop Jessica's friendship with Peter Parker that could become its own unique partnership since their interaction is quite interesting.

> I always felt that Jessica really didn't fit in too well with the Avengers, SWORD, or SHIELD as she was more of a like Peter Parker who she can relate too than anyone else besides her best friend Carol.
That's why IMO she was better as an agent than as an Avenger.

> See I heartily disagree. I don't know who this character is. I am used to Jess being more taciturn, and therefore more eloquent. I find myself wishing she would just breathe, and use way less words.
To be fair the ish touched on a LOT of her backstory thus character evolvement. Taciturn does not imply eloquence. There's the Spider-Woman before and after joining New Avengers. There's the Spider-Woman as a focal protagonist of an ish and a bench filler in another ish. There's the Spider-Woman of many writers inspired by the TV cartoon version and the writers who want to stick to their own interpretation. And the dichotomy between good and bad heroine goes on. If you find you like this combo creative team handling Jess then stick with it - it ain't going to last long.

> It clashes inside my head. It feels like Clint Eastwood in the Man with No Name films, being played by Jim Carey at his most garrulous. It makes her look neurotic. That, and the fact that in four pages of actual story she bemoans her parents, her life experiences, Maria Hill, Spider-Man, and herself. Snark can be a great tool when used judiciously, but that much inner snark suggests a very angry, if not quite a mean, person. If the intention is to show her on the verge of a breakdown, then I would say, job done. But I don't think that is the intent, and as a life long fan, I am gutted.
Got an overall positive vibe from this ish -certainly more engaging than the opening arc- but it's weird 'cuz all the points in this paragraph totally have merit.

> I can see what ViewingFigures means though. In the case of Punisher, you compare the current run of Edmundson to Rucka and the characterization change is HUGE. In Rucka's run, Punisher was almost a legendary, wraith-like creature whose actions talked louder than words and well, he barely spoke. In Edmundson's run we have a Chatty-Cathy Punisher who monologues worse than Bendis writing and has way too many friends for a person focused on singularly killing trash.

> Jessica honestly hasn't had enough focus or enough solo issues to have formed a proper characterization. So here it's a case of me being cautiously optimistic. Lets hope the full issue delivers.
Here's hopin'. In some ways it did come across as the female version of Fraction's Hawkeye. And 'teaming up' with Porcupine does seem copycat of the new Ant-man series and pairing the hero with Grizzly. And she needs some wow factor to compete with the other female lead (lack-lusterish) titles Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Silk, Spider-Gwen, Angela, Squirrel Girl, etc...

> Everything about this looks super great except those bloody goggles.
Well, with this her secret identity might as well be completely a non-issue now. So the specs are just for symbolic "costume" image/looks [unless she got McCoy to tech 'em up some]. At least it looks better than Carol Marvel's headwear. Hope she has the glider wings collapsible and not removed 'cuz ditching 'em will come back to Spider-bite her in the butt.

> Jessica states, "Everyone I've ever dated has Super Powers (Except Hawkeye)". Um.....NO, they haven't Jess, remember? The first time...
Yeah, that bothered me too. The poster goes on to list several examples. It felt like lazy retconning/recapping - although one might argue she was just generalizing. The rest of that page of motorcycle narrating was actually well said until the silly censored "$#%^ GREAT" which read awkward to decrypt [with no 'ing' suffix]. If she's going to be a cusser now at least do it right.

I miss Dad and Dan.

Or were sales so bad that she was dropped already? So much for Silk being the "hot new character to revolutionize the Spider-Verse."

Sorry, Slott, this one's a no-go.

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