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Subj: Re: Actually, The 90's Cartoon Was Good.
Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 at 09:45:42 pm EDT (Viewed 152 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Actually, The 90's Cartoon Was Good.
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The X Men one was good too but how Wolvie managed to fight without ever killing anyone was a constant mystery.

I still think the Spider-Man cartoon you mention had it right overall. The ray guns instead of real guns were lame, and yeah some of it looks ropey now, but what a kid classic!

The latest Spider-Man cartoon is just Ben 10 in Spider-Man costume.

Wolverine in any X-men cartoon is a classic case of censorship as his foes tend to wield big weapons that he cuts to pieces or they wear armor that somehow is proof against adamantium or they have a force field (Vindicator of Alpha Flight)

The 90's Spiderman cartoon was another Fox censorship fest: ray guns for everyone including the cops, and of course bringing in Carnage was a mistake as they wanted to keep the cartoon PG rated.....

Still it is a fun cartoon to watch today and is among the best of the Spidey cartoons......WHY IS IT NOT ON DVD/BLU RAY IN THE U.S.????

One would think that releasing that series in its entirety back in the Sam Rami movie days would have been a good thing with Spidey popularity at such a high point.

The currently Ultimate Spidey cartoon is a joke.....and not a funny one

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