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If by cancelled you mean permanently, it would be incredibly sad. I did some research and have discovered the very first marvel comics I bought went on sale on April 11, 1967(wonder if it was money I had gotten for my birthday). They were fantastic four #64 and Daredevil #29. I just missed getting the famous Spider-Man no more issue #50(it was the first marvel comic that caught my eye)as my first marvel when I went to the convenience store and it was gone. Then I went to mcvoy's grocery and must
have bought the Daredevil and FF in the same trip. As I mentioned on a number of occasions, I bought the dc comics first(aquaman 27 first apparently,but the detectives,bats,supes,supesboy,gl,flash,teen titans, etc). When I bought my first marvels I was mostly following teen titans and adventure comics Legion of Superheroes. Actully my first Adventure was bought around this time. Not sure but the facts could be either of these two senarios. Either my first bought issue was Adv. 358(the hunter-
I think it was influenced by the old film THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME)and I had read the previous issue the ghost of ferro lad but missed buying it.
The other which is more than likely the ghost of FL(357) was bought first and the other bought after. Adv. 373 was my intro to Karate Kid who became my favorite Legionnaire. Wasn't long before I was missing more issues of my dc books, when hulk,spidey,ff,x-men,thor,dd, and others took over. Now a few other firsts marvel-wise: used covergallery
to come up with these(a lot of my comics disappeared over the years).

first CA and Falcon 179. 1st x-men #39, hulk #180 and yes at one time I had 181 the first wolverine, marvel team-up 16,defenders 17, to name a few. the ones i followed the most though were spidey,x-men and FF.


FF hasn't been the huge mega block buster seller in a while but most writers have been able to make sales consistent enough to not get canceled or have enough leeway to wrap up their storylines. I think Fantastic Four took a bit of a hit with Fraction having a stunningly average run, which is strange because his FF with Aldred was absolutely amazing.

So a title can only coast on being a Legacy Title for so long. Eventually there will be another Fantastic Four book and many of them will find places in the MU to still exist. There's already been a Runaways book announced that'll feature Valeria Richards.