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    I think really we have to be truthful in as much as Spider-Man's film career has been disasterous.

    The Raimi films ended on a downer, the "Amazing" films are now kaput. And yet again Spider-Man is coming back in yet another different format.

I have concerns about both sets of previous movies but your concerns are pretty much "they ended". Which is the nature of a cyclical franchise. Spider-Man isn't even the only comic book movie to have done this, and is certainly one of dozen (if not hundreds or thousands) of fictional franchises across all types of media that have rebooted themselves for one reason or another.

Let's also be honest in that when you have a success series of films, the same actors keep coming back (And a lot of the same crew and writers, etc...) will be asking for more money each time. They know that in sequels they are a proven commodity and their time is worth more. So even if the storytelling isn't over, third and fourth films tend to be the end stages just because people start either demanding too much money (from the studios POV) or the actors and crew just want to do something different.

Thing about Spider-man is that both the Rami and the "amazing" movies did the origin story. We really do not need to have movies for certain characters do the origin story:

1. Spider-man
2. Superman
3. Batman
4. Green Lantern
These character origins should be known by almost everyone that sees the movies already and the movie could just briefly reference the origin, like Peter could say "ever since that spider bit me I've had these powers", that is all they have to do.

Pretty much everyone should know that Superman was sent to Earth as Krypton exploded.

Batman: all they need to do is have Bruce state something like "Ever since I was forced to watch helplessly as my parents were gunned down..." The TV series Gotham started off with Bruce's parents being shot in front of him, so that right there tells the viewer what the event was that made him become the Batman.

Green Lantern: dying alien tosses Hal Jordan his power ring and he becomes Green Lantern. Easily recapped in a few minutes.

The Flash: a quick origin sequence of him being struck by the lightning and flung into the electrically charged chemicals.

Also, if Marvel or DC really wants to make a good trilogy that fits well together and doesn't suffer too much franchise fatigue or the actors coming in demanding more and more money, they could do what Peter Jackson did with Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, film all of them at once then slowly but surely edit them into the trilogy and release them

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