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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man#46: Norah's Winter?
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Reply Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#46: Norah's Winter?
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Norah Winters interviews several people who were in attendance at ESU for the unveiling of a new energy replenishing device called The Catalyst, developed by Project Pegasus. Count Neferia and the Lethal Legion arrive to claim it and there are some casualties. Spider-Man arrived on the scene but so does the Sin Eater. Sin Eater begins picking off the Legion and absorbs some of their powers, allowing him to immobilise Peter and force him to watch as he 'cleanses' all of the Legion. After Nefaria falls, the crowd cheer Carter on.

Norah visits Ravencroft and meets up with Norman Osborn, and we learn after the Legion came back to life, they began acting like model inmates, Nefaria even begs Norah to contact the families of those he harmed and tell them he intends to make amends. Norman discusses the contents of a vault with an assistant, they make reference to a 'new arrival' at Ravencroft.

Peter is at the hospital with Overdrive and a distraught Carlie, she's an emotional mess, Peter wants to know what happened after Overdrive recovered in the morgue. Norah in the meantime returns to her car, she is talking to Jonah on her bluetooth about her story. When she gets in the car, she finds Sin Eaters waiting for her. He blasts her


This thread of Stan Carter's new approach to ridding the world of sinners is elaborated on by giving us an insight into just how the public feels about it, and how those cleansed of their sins still feel the weight of their crimes press down hard on them, leading to some heavy scenes for Neferia as he bears his crushed soul to Nora.

Peter is left a bit ineffective in this, but that is of course the point, he is helpless to watch as people are picked up and the people he's protecting pick the side of the antagonist. As far as they can tell, he's not doing anything wrong and is avenging the people they lost without loss of life.

Peter gets his chance to talk to Carlie about this at Overdrive's bed, but from the panels we're shown, Carlie is looking distraught and shaken, with Peter having to step up and asks, without so much as saying that she pull herself together, her to tell him what's going on.

It was great to see Carlie brought to her knees like this, a total shadow of the high and mighty person she was shown to be in the Brand New Day era when she had the audacity to be promoted as heir apparent to the one true love in Mary Jane. Now she's more humbled, shaken badly by all the events in her life associated with Peter, and depending on the likes of the Lookout support group and MJ's own experiences to get by. It's glorious.

Add also to the fact Norah (a more likeable member of that despised era) is paying for her recent sins and you have even further intrigue. This story is not being kind to Brand New Day's players and it's only enhancing the drama.

Brand New Day was a decade ago dude, get over it.

Your review is less a critique about the comic and more a litany of complaints about a decades-old plot contrivance.

I don't understand people who still cloy to the Peter/Mary Jane marriage like it was such a great thing. It was a terrible relationship, especially for Mary Jane. If she wasn't a damsel in distress, she was either worrying about if Peter was going to come home alive, or she was upset because Peter's double-life was overshadowing their marriage. It was a stagnant marriage that never went anywhere after Mary Jane had her miscarriage at the end of the Clone Saga. It had its highlights but like any of Peter's other romances (Gwen Stacy, Debra Whitman, Felicia Hardy) there was a foregone conclusion that it would have to end otherwise unless Peter made sweeping changes to his life.

I'll be the first to admit that One More Day was a stupid execution, but to write off everything that happened is utterly dismissive of decades worth of some of the best Spider-Man stories since the 1980s.

Some advice: If you're going to review something, try to maintain some objectivity because, as far as reviews go, you spend more time going off-topic than you do talking about the comic itself. (ie: complaining about Brand New Day which, as I said, is over a decade ago)

It's not even an interesting read. All I see is someone getting angry over something that doesn't even matter anymore.

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