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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man#46: Norah's Winter?
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Some advice: Troll harder

I don't intend these reviews to be in any way "professional", they are meant to be my own hot takes on a story and how I felt personally after reading them.

As for it not being interesting...have you looked at your own posts lately?

You're spouting long worn-out and redundant anti-Mary Jane/Spider-Marriage criticisms that have been counter-argued and deconstructed several thousand times by fans who know what they're talking about, I'm not going to bother repeating them, you can seek them out for yourself.

In the meantime, stop acting like a royal cliche and educate yourself more on Mary Jane. Stop relying on the negatives found in SOME 1990s writing to paint a portrait of what their marriage was vs all the positives that came out of the negatives within the same period.

Mary Jane wasn't always the 'damsel' any educated fan can tell you that, but you're not one of them are you?

Read continuities like the newspaper strip, Spider-Girl, and Renew Your Vows which prove beyond all doubt Mary Jane is the one for Peter and is fully capable of standing on her own two feet, as well as being incredibly loyal and supportive of Peter and her whole family (but knowing you, you'll just turn your nose at them because they're "alternate realities", something even the post-OMD continuity itself is, a "What If" that replaced the original timeline)

And don't try that CBR-approved 'best stories since the 1980s" claptrap with me. That is entirely a subjective opinion and you know it, one I don't happen to share. Brand New Day through to Slott's run was a terrible series of stories, and if all it can do for the character is put him back in the 1980s, then what value does it hold for people who want the character to move forward?

Not even the Parker Industries stuff was all that interesting because the foundations of it were built on a lie and Peter was in over his head and still acting like a man-child.

Did it ever occur to you some of us actually want Peter to make different and more difficult life choices? It's called "growing up", Spidey even said it himself in the 1990s animated series when he met Stan Lee. "We all have to grow up sometime...even us characters of fiction"

I didn't agree with all of Chip Zdarsky's "Life Story", but it also did a superb job of weaving a believable and realistic take on how Peter would advance through his life and suffer hardship and triumph along the way.

The marriage was not a failure nor was it stagnant, and it actually thrived for many years after OMD silenced it in 616. I would dare say it had it's best years after OMD and helped a lot more people who were aware of the options appreciate it. Peter and MJ were allowed to be a happy and durable couple in all the continuities that kept them married...effectively showing how much of a mis-characterised lie the last decade's worth of 616 was.

I mean, Mary Jane herself said it in One More Day's conclusion...nothing Mephisto does to them after the deal will matter because they'll find each other again. How is that indicative of a 'terrible' relationship when the one partner you feel sorry for in it has that much faith their love for one another will sort out whatever it is the devil makes them do going forward?

As is stands, you're right, Brand New Day IS long over, Peter is back with MJ, MJ herself is even stronger as a character (to the point she can kick the ass of the Savage Six all by herself), and the marriage is being teased again, Brand New Day is over and everything you hold dear about it is slowly being snuffed out. We have won and you have lost, cry harder tiny tears, I can do with some extra salt for my fish supper

Your review and followup comments were great.

However BND isn't quite over. Mephisto's tampering with Spidey's history to nullify the wedding are still in effect.

Until temporal reversion occurs, the deal is still in effect.

An interesting question is: in all the times Dr Strange has encountered Spidey that he hasn't mystically sensed something being slightly askew with him or his spirit?

For that matter one would think that anytime Spidey encounters one of the Ghost Riders that they would sense something. Especially if its Blaze.

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