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The Order of the Web make their debut, and it's not going to, of course, nothing is at it seems for one webbed wonder!

Peter learns Sin Eater is after Norman Osborn...and Carter's forces seem to be pretty predjudiced, as they planned to blow up a mosque! Peter fends them off with the aid of Miles, who tells him about his encounters with the Ultimate Goblin, he tries to tell Peter that maybe it'd be a good thing if Carter were allowed to 'cleanse' Osborn, but Peter disagrees. Peter is next encountered by Ghost Spider...she says Peter's on the verge of making a mistake as big as a 'deal with the devil', and rants about how 'idealistic' some people are perceived as when remembered only for the manner in which they die...she boldly states to Peter that his Gwen likely wasn't as saintly as Peter makes her out to be (she'd be right and Peter knows it...Sins Past anyone?). Peter confesses he sometimes thinks Gwen's spirit is waiting for him to finish off Osborn.

Finally, Julia Carpenter approaches him and tells him Osborn's cleansing would save many appears the Order of the Web don't want Peter to rescue Norman...and Peter refuses to listen, he barges into Ravencroft, and takes Norman under his protection (though does sucker punch him). On a rooftop, Julia, Miles, Jessica Drew, Cindy, and Ghost-Spider meet up, Anya/Arana joins them also, and they all lament that they could not reach Peter or reason with him...they must now work together to stop him

My thoughts:

...Now there's something original: a deconstruction of Gwen. This was a nice scene, I doubt it's ever quell the fanaticism of most Gwen stans, but it was a nice way of establishing just how different Ghost-Spider is to her counterpart, and we know that her hunch is correct even if they haven't directly referenced or stated it on Peter's end.

Also established is Peter did not love him anyone before Gwen, further indicating that Betty Brant, his first crush, was just puppy love that was of-the-moment that he just never talks about anymore.

Remember that dream that Peter and the Spiders shared, including Julia? Kindred said he had prepared something 'sinister' for everyone, and the only way to stop it was to follow his instructions. What if the Spiders quest to enable Norman's cleansing is them following Kindred's orders? Or them being under Kindred's influence? It will be interesting to see how the team come together on opposing ends since Kindred is about to make his first major strike right after Sins Rising.

How will any of this be collected in trade is the question...the Green Goblin story appears to be seperate in trade listings, yet it is clearly the finale to Sins Rising and bleeds straight into Last Remains. I think logically this would be where the trade cuts off for Sins Rising.

Another good read - more for characterization than clashes. But the last panel pre-emptive promise of that fight with friends is exciting. Especially for an anniversary issue - even if it will predictably amount to just unscathed sparring. It's disappointing that you point out the arc conclusion may not happen there, too. Plus, this thread link preview depresses me some: taking away from the promise. Fingers crossed it's at least as good as this installment.

The grabber cover was an... interesting cover choice IFfff it was symbolic of Peter having 'his hands tied' trying to decide how to handle thing. If the misleading scenario was just because the story had Ravencroft in it - then not as good.

Miles as a PERMANENT resident of 616, since Owen rewrote reality after Secret Wars, has been a HUGE PET PEEVE because how poorly it has been explored/evolving. OG Clone Saga level pet peeve! Story scripts plainly ignoring the fact that 1610 SINCE 2005 has eventually become... selectively somewhat placating. "Miles is here, his friends and family backstory may be identical to what it was or it may NOT be, whatever, get use to it." But here his mention of his alt-Green Goblin battles just seemed to reopen those continuity-crumudgeon wounds. #toomanyspiderfolk

This ish seemed to have an important development when Sin-Eater transfers actual Kindred power to the mobs and they use it to hurt 'sinners' and not just purge them. It would support Peter's side of the debate if any of the "Order of the Web" paid attention to this, eh. Are they really going with a group codename like that?! Hope not.

Your right about alt-Gwen having a good and deep scene with Peter. If she HAS to be a part of 616 continuity elsewhere then it's good to get proper exposition for her in this title, too. The deet about her being on Earth-65 over half the time was a very appreciated (and offers No-Prize potential for appearance-logic inconsistencies). Your inferred observation was curious to note, too.

Similarly it was great to catch up with Julia! Why the Avengers wouldn't try to re-recruit such a seasoned pre-cog is such a shame. Or at least tell a story in that title of her reason for turning them down - especially after umpteen Event Crises that have hurt Earth. Of course, she's probably wrong reading this sitch, so maybe unconfirmed Reserve Status is good enough for her.

So, Anya 'Araña' Corazon has her powers back? When/how did that happen?

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