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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins Of Norman Osborn: Sin Count: Negative...
Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 at 02:45:04 pm EDT (Viewed 253 times)
Reply Subj: Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins Of Norman Osborn: Sin Count: Negative
Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 at 01:51:46 pm EDT (Viewed 295 times)

> 'Sin Count: Negative'
Noice! \:\)

> The Spiders talk amongst themselves about their mission, revealing they had seen several visions of Peter dying in various different scenarios at the hands of Norman Osborn.
Which seemed a odd reason to agree upon if all their 'future visions' of Spidey's death were by different ways. Julia's cryptic debate to argue letting Sin-Eater end Green Goblin seemed off. How can the 'the end justify the means' work here? At least Gwen came across as a voice of reason among this Spider-gabfest. Well, except for that one laughable comment...

> Gwen says Peter is the kind of person who knows that there's a price to pay for a deal with the devil ('DOH).
Say what now?!...

> Sin Eater casts his mind back to cleansing Matin Li, aka Mr. Negative, which he appears to read as a a 'sign' from Kindred.
What an odd character to see as 'a sign'. Was it a wordplay thing? Also, didn't this supervillain just giving up like that out of the blue come across a bit unlikely. Isn't his inner demons more dominating?

> Miles thinks are getting worse, as Julia officially gives the Spiders the title 'order of the web'.
Ugh. So, they ARE going with that name? With Nova Corps and Spaceknights gone are they going to give it the GLC try agains with the Spider-verseans? After several relatively recent respectable Editorial attempts to purge Spiders in NYC? Sigh.

> Peter learns Ashley Kakfa is 'alive' (it's actually a clone)
Lost track of her storyline status. Thanks for the reminder. Gonna hafta wiki the deets...

> but Norman tells Peter that he is aware of Kindred
Another identity clue!

> I'm at a loss as to why they called this week's Spider-Man special 'The Sins of Norman Osborn', It's really just an extension/continuation of the Sins Rising storyline, and has little to do with past sins of Osborn
Yup. Money grab waste.

> difficult to do because plenty of his other sins are things they can't mention out of shame (daddy to Gwen's twins) or editorial (killing Peter's child, which ties back to the marriage).
Yup. This should have been exposed better so readers can better empathize with the motives and decisions of each player.

> So instead what we get is the foreshadowing of sins Norman is going to commit instead.
Heh! That's a neat twist interpretation to No-Prize the cover blurb but obviously doesn't cover the online solicit or Sinny's mission statement.

> Further strands of the last decade and a bit are done away here too, as the first big bad of the post-OMD Spidey era Mr. Negative is 'cleansed' and depowered, with Sin Eater promising the aftermath will lead to a 'reckoning' (planting seeds for Dan Slott's 'Reckoning War', same with the Watcher's return last week in an Empyre tie-in)
Heh! You did it again.

> ...IT'S THE JUGGERNAUT. Sin Eater takes a shot at Flint and 'cleanses' him (Cain not Flint)... Juggernaut is an interesting choice in levelling up Sin Eater,
Tapping into that X-Universe cash cow. His first clash w/Spidey in the memorable #229-#230 was a lot of fun - and ironically involved Madame Web clairvoyance. Good stuff for #850 hyping. Krazy Krakoans even has a statue to this A-Lister Huh, Sin-Eater (thru Kindred) is channeling MU supervillains left and right as easily as Augustus 'Regent' Roman did, eh.

> and I wonder how it will affect his appearances in X-Men if that should occur.
ME TOO. Very concerned. And his mini:

Preview of Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins Of Norman Osborn #1:

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