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Amazing Spider-Man#50

All the cards are on the table. Kindred is Harry Osborn, but there's a few details we missed. Doctor Strange comments that Peter made a deal with a demonic entity, and didn't stop to process how it could come back to bite him one (is he talking about Osborn, the Sin Eater, or Mephisto?), the Order of the Web are overwhelmed by Kindred's demonic spirits, the total sum of every sin in the Marvel universe, and they become his minions, Cindy is up first, attacking Peter and Strange in the Sanctum.

Ravencroft is on the verge of collapse, Kafka finds Norman, who is now cleansed of all sin. Sin Eater has been retuned to hell by Kindred, to be consumed forever by the sins of his own crimes against an old partner that he killed.

In the letters pages, Nick Lowe says Ben Reily and Kane almost factored into "Last Remains", but we have to keep reading as to why they weren't. Lastly, he jokes that Mary Jane will 'never return', meaning of course it's right around the corner

My thoughts

And there we have it, a reveal everyone sussed from the start. While I still see some readers professing the Harry reveal is as much a fake-out as the Gwen or George Stacy teases, it's confirmed in the letters that, yes, they're going with Harry, meaning a whole decade of character development for the Oscorp heir is about to be uprooted...not that there was much of it anyway. Harry's lack of involvement has been a sticking point of the post-One More Day era since it's inception and this phase of Spidey history consistently deconstructs and adddresses many of the problems Brand New Day will be interesting how Spencer reconciles the Harry we've seen with the Harry we'll be getting to know does this even affect Normie's brother Stanley? Born after the events of OMD? Is he partially a demon too?

Pat Gleason's art is on point as usual, and gives a bright, splendour to a dark outing for all involved, you feel a lot of energy come off the page, it's a cartoon come to life, and feels like prime time excitement to be had on every page

Hopefully is is Harry.

Don;t get me wrong, the signs all point that way. He died before Mysterio, he cares for MJ as a friend, he died in and played a large role in the era Spencer seems to like, He called Peter 'Pete,' he is the only person I can think of Norman calling 'simpering,' and so on. I even think it is the best possible option.

However, all Norman said is that it is his son. There is still Gabe Stacy. I'm not sure when he possibly would have went to Hell, but I can see Spencer getting some real joy out of some kind of twist after this.

Let's just say that I am 9/10 of the way to fully accepting it.

That having been said, Spencer does seem to be trying to correct a lot of dumb decisions made after OMD, and Harry's resurrection was one that especially bugged me.

What I am really wondering is, will it be revealed that he was the reason the deal was made in the first place. He say he rose through the ranks of Hell, he could have seen it as a way to save MJ from Peter in his twisted mind, and just how could Mephisto come to care about one Marriage?

Maybe he is even the one that made the deal. I think I remember reading that in another comic Mephisto said other demons sometimes masquerade as him.

Of... course, Harry was more crazy due to the Goblin formula, opposed to evil. He did save Peter with his final act. I'm no theologian, but in the world of comics I would think would mean salvation... you know in context of the story.

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