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Gotta be honest mate, I can't get excited either. It's another new gimmick. Spencer was hitting quite a few great notes and fixing some of the damage all those years ago...

But Spidey can't be fixed.

The main Marvel icon MADE A DEAL WITH THE ACTUAL DEVIL. I.e. he's damaged goods.

If anybody is still reading and having fun, more power to you but I can't move on as many times as Marvel want to reboot or do whatever. Plus their continuity is totally impenetrable since they decided to have 50 zillion books a month per character.

Also I have a big issue with stories where people find out Peter's identity and it has no real world consequences. Basically if his identity gets found out by someone who wants to kill him, they should IMMEDIATELY reveal it and get him taken out. If someone wants you out of the way they don't dither around. Total bad storytelling and fake suspense.

I bring it up because in Last Remains EVERYBODY seems to know who he is and the previews for the costume strongly imply Kingpin knows. I know they've been hinting it but Last Remains ends with Fisk appearing with unmasked Peter from what I hear. I totally hate this and really puts me off. Because if Kingpin doesn't reveal his identity publically, it's nonsense. If he does however it should have consequences... and ruin Peter forever.

MCU thinks it's trendy to have all the identities on display. Alright. But you can't have classic Spider-Man because he won't be able to get married, hold down a job or be identifiable as one of us. He'll become a full-time superhero with no private life at best. That's not 'one of us' making him nothing more than a generic superhero.

That's why his identity is important.

But since Marvel don't respect the identity and since Marvel thought selling his marriage to the devil was 'heroic', this isn't the 'relateable' Spider-Man I ever knew. It's someone morally bankrupt or generic.

I'm not a regular Spider-Man reader, but I do have quite a few issues of his various titles in my collection. One of the things that I enjoy about a Spider-Man comic is the semi-regular supporting cast. I like the "regular life" parts of his story as much as him beating up Electro.

Oh, new costume? I'm sure I'd get used to it if it stuck around long enough...