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I'm not a regular Spider-Man reader, but I do have quite a few issues of his various titles in my collection. One of the things that I enjoy about a Spider-Man comic is the semi-regular supporting cast. I like the "regular life" parts of his story as much as him beating up Electro.

Oh, new costume? I'm sure I'd get used to it if it stuck around long enough...

I think 'regular life' is what Spider-Man's whole schtick is. He's NOT Bruce Wayne in that it doesn't really matter of Wayne disappears. You take his normal life away and he ceases to be Spider-Man.

But this is my point. Civil War showed what *should* happen if his identity is exposed. His life should be over and he has to do Spider-Man full time. It sucked. It sucked so bad they had to summon the devil to fix it.

Now we know, there should be tension in his identity being revealed. Yet we have him getting unmasked and identity revealed all over the place again recently.

Now I know it's not confirmed Kingpin knows yet AFAIK but if Kingpin and his goons burst in on unmasked Peter, if there is any conclusion except Kingpin immediately revealing who he is, then Kingpin is written terribly and the story sucks. But if he DOES reveal it, you lose a crucial element of Spider-Man being Spider-Man.

This is why mask should stay on.

If we're being realistic, we know a masked hero is an outdated concept but I've always assumed there's a SHIELD agent covering up Peter's DNA or paying off people to leave well alone. But for years Marvel have this thing, especially in the movies, that Peter's face should be everywhere. Bendis is the worst, he has a total fetish for unmasking Peter (EVERY solo Peter story! And most of his Avengers stuff too).

From what I understand is that if Peter's face is exposed, people who want to KILL him, who have been sent to jail by him, and who want to take him out, should make sure to remember what he looks like and take him out. Like I said before, they explain why Venom didn't used to - and it made sense for him - and Norman they got away with it. Harry too, if he's protecting MJ and Liz. But why would say Taskmaster - who has seen what Petwr looks like - keep it to himself? Next time Peter messes him up, quick.letter to a newspaper to say 'you stopped me, I stopped you.'

If Kingpin doesn't reveal his identity, then any time Pete messes his plans up, what motivation are they going to give for him not doing anything? They tried with Daredevil for years and eventually it came out.

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